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Pacifica Radio Archives | 1968 Revolution Rewind: Listen by Date, October


Listen by Date: October

Featured Recordings...

Republican National Convention

  • Pro-Nixon Rally, presidential campaign, Madison Square Garden, New York City. (archives # BB3541). Time: 35:00. Download | Stream | Buy Online

Chinese Cultural Revolution

  • Chinese Politics and the Cultural Revolution, by Lucien W. Pai (archives # BB1713.01). Buy Online
  • Recurrent Revolution -- China's Red Guard: speech by Franz Schurman, chairman of the Center for Chinese Studies at UC Berkeley (archives # BB1244). Time: 52:00. Buy Online


Also for October...


  • UC Berkeley, Sproul Hall Sit-in, 1968 (archives # BB2365). Time: 110:00. Download: a, b | Stream | Buy Online



  • Bike-Boy -- Two Superstars: Bruce Haines and George McKittrich discuss their experiences in making Andy Warhol's film (archives # BB5249). Time: 55:00. Buy Online
  • Interview with Taylor Mead and Tom Hompertz: cast members discuss Andy Warhol's film Lonesome Cowboys (archives # BB5201). Time: 36:00. Buy Online

Civil Rights

  • H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin): discussion of revolution, militancy, black politics and the politics of sports; includes discussion of the Olympic games in Mexico City (archives # BB5324). Buy Online