Know your body (Series record)

This is the program record for the series "Know Your Body," a series of eight lectures which comprised a course by and for women also entitled "Know Your Body." The course was given at the Women's Medical Center in New York City, where this lecture was recorded for WBAI in May and June, 1972, by Caryl Ratner and Bill Monaghan. Produced by Caryl Ratner.

The uncertain quest : the dilemmas of sex education (Series record)

The symposium "The Uncertain Quest - The Dilemmas of Sex Education" was produced by and held at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco and simulcast on KPFA on April 10 and 11, 1965. From the folio "This conference deals with the problems of the teenager in the mid-twentieth century.

Lesbian sisters (series record)

This is the series record for the series "Lesbian Sisters". This series gives news and views of the lesbian community; exploring the Lesbian culture. Women’s music, poetry, discussion, guests, sometimes live performers, open phones. Hosted by Evan Paxton. First Tuesday of each month.

Where it's at (series record)

"What It Is And Where It’s At" was a show introduced on KPFA on June 13, 1966 and ran through 1968. It was presented by the Drama and Literature department, with information and reviews on the immediate scene. Because of the timely aspect of the show, content descriptions are rarely available in the Folios.

Songs of Sappho's daughters (Series record)

Songs of Sappho’s Daughters was a series devoted to Lesbian poetry and music, featuring poets, composers, and performers. The series was hosted by Manya La Bruja, nicknamed the “Classical Amazon”, and Ms. Mark Giles, and aired on WBAI in 1973 and 1974.

Soviet lives (Series record)

William Mandel was a United Press expert on Russia in World War II and a post-doctoral Fellow at Stanford University in 1947. He taught at Syracuse, UC Berkeley, San Francisco, and San Jose State Universities, and Law School of Golden Gate University. Mandel visited the USSR nine times at the time of this series, including one year-long stay.

Science story

Science Story was a bi-monthly program dedicated to the demystification of science and medicine produced for KPFA in 1977 and 1978 by Laurie Garrett, KPFA's Science Editor, and Adi Gevins of the Public Affairs Department. The programs were engineered by Scott McAllister, Philip Maldari, Kevin Vance, Warren Van Orden, and Randy Thom.

Upstream (Series record)

Nikki Jeter and Marie Smith initiated this daily public affairs program with interviews, information, and call-ins so listeners could express their views. Later in its run, Lorne Cress Love hosted.
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