Inside Attica

Series record for Inside Attica: interviews with former Attica inmates involved in the Attica prison rebellion. Produced and interviewed by Bruce Soloway

The 99.5 radio theatre

The 99.5 Radio Theatre was created by Baird Searles of WBAI's Drama & Literature Department in late 1966. The 99.5 Radio Theatre produced dramatic and literary adaptations for radio, using both classic texts and scripts submitted by WBAI listeners. In 1967, the name of the show was changed to The Mind's Eye Theatre (cf. series BB3818).

The mind's eye theatre

The Mind's Eye Theatre was created by Baird Searles, literature producer for WBAI's Drama and Literature Department, in 1967. Originally titled The 99.5 Radio Theatre (cf. series BB3830), The Mind's Eye Theatre produced plays and literary adaptations for radio, using state-of-the-art radio equipment and occasionally employing experimental techniques such as chance operations.

The free music store

The Free Music Store was a series of free musical performances open to the public and held in WBAI's studios on East 62nd Street in New York City. The tapes listed under this series do not constitute the complete collection of Free Music Store broadcasts.

Plain Speaking: A Counter History of the United States (Series record)

Series record for "Plain Speaking." Produced in 1976 by Pacifica radio station KPFA in Berkeley for the country's bicentennial celebration, this alternative to traditional American history taught in public schools traces the nation's history form the arrival of Christopher Columbus, through the various social movements of our first 200 years, giving voice to the many unhera

Krishnamurti at Santa Cruz

Series record describing talks by J. Krishnamurti expressing various aspects of his philosophy. Recorded at the University of California, Santa Cruz, 16-20 February 1969.

Soledad Brother read by Christopher Brooks

Christopher Brooks, a black actor with the Magic Theatre in Berkeley, reads excerpts from the book "Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson," which talks of prison life and the conditions Blacks face. These recordings were broadcast during the "Morning reading" time slot at KPFA.
Note: Contains sensitive language.

Bill of Rights week

This is a series of 15-minute versions of some of the PZ0047 Bill of Rights radio education project episodes, executive produced by Adi Gevins. The Bill of Rights radio education project was sponsored by the Pacifica Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, with major funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
reel 1. Immigration -- reel 2. Libraries and censorship -- reel 3. Guns -- reel 4. Prisons -- reel 5. Insanity defense -- reel 6. Internment.

Rolling Thunder / produced by Roy Tuckman.

An eight part documentary on the Shoshone medicine man; includes speeches and interviews by Rolling Thunder, music, and excerpts of his biography by Doug Boyd. Topics include ecology, pollution, social oppression, politics, Indian lore, holistic medicine, mysticism, philosophy, and magic.
r.1. Return to the land (53 min.). -- r.2. Guardians of the land (48 min.). -- r.3. The Healing light (57 min.). -- r.4. The Buckskin curtain (60 min.). -- r.5. Fight for life (56 min.). -- r.6. Medicine power (59 min.). -- r.7. Circle of the universe (56 min.). -- r.8. Meta Tantay (57 min.).
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