National march on Washington for lesbian and gay rights (Series Record)

On October 14, 1979, ten years after the Stonewall riots, more than 100,000 people from the United States and ten other countries marched on Washington, D.C. for lesbian and gay rights. Pacifica producers in Washington recorded speeches and actualities from the rally, and parts were broadcast live.

Woman as slave / Carl Faber (Series record)

A special broadcast of a four-hour series of lectures by UCLA Psychologist Dr. Carl Faber (ca. 1937-1996) on the role of women in American society and the psychological consequences of that assigned role. Dr. Faber also talks informally about the subject in special interviews conducted by KPFK's Helene Rosenbluth and Roy Tuckman. Produced by Roy Tuckman.

Pagan press review (Series record)

Series record describing the Pagan Press Review, an examination of the magazines and journals of new age religions such as Feraferia, The Church of All Worlds and feminist witchcraft. r.1. Wicca feminist journals (29 min.) -- r.2. Matriarchy (28 min.) -- r.3. Pagans and anti-defamation rights (30 min.) -- r.4. Magic (30 min.).

Consciousness raising (WBAI)

This is the series record describing four episodes of Women's Consciousness-Raising groups on WBAI, each discussing a different topic, likely recorded and broadcast over the course of four weeks (BC0724.01-.04). The topics were as follows: r.1. Housework (44 min.) -- r.2. Adolescent puberty rituals (39 min.) -- r.3. Friendship and loneliness (42 min.) -- r.4. Sex and divorce (46 min.).

The Wayless way : a meditation being / produced by Jack Gariss.

Series exploring the mind, human self-knowledge, and alternative means to full consciousness.
pt.1. (1 reel : 59 min. -- pt.2. Why meditate at all (1 reel : 59 min.) -- pt.3. New areas of bio-meditation (56 min.) -- pt.4. (2 reels : 60 min.) -- pt.5. (2 reels : 58 min) -- pt.6. (2 reels : 59 min.) -- pt.7. Demonstration of biofeedback (1 reel : 60 min.) -- pt.8. (2 reels : 60 min.) -- pt.9.

The Graduate on location

Claire Clouzot interviews the cast and production staff of The Graduate on location in Berkeley, California in 1967. The Graduate is the only film by Mike Nichols that won him an Oscar award for Best Director.
r.1. Mike Nichols on location -- r.2. Interviews with Katharine Ross, Dustin Hoffman, producer Lawrence Turman and sound engineer Jack Solomon.

My name rings / produced by Ernest Lowe.

Series record for reading of My name rings / produced by Ernest Lowe.
r.1. A Young man in Texas (26 min.) -- r.2. Keep the Negro down (29 min.) r.3.-r.8. My name rings (134 min.).

The human situation: the Aldous Huxley lectures

Nineteen lectures delivered by Huxley when a visiting professor.
r.1 On the role of science; recorded 18 Feb. 1959 (42 min.). -- r.2 On man's environmental impact -- r.3 On man's dependence on the environment -- r.4 Agriculture and population growth -- r.5 Nature of humankind -- r.6 History of national organization -- r.7 On the foundation of welfare -- r.8 On education -- r.9 Individuals in industrial society, part 1 of 2 -- r.10.

Bill of Rights radio education project

This is a series of fifteen half-hour documentary programs on the Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution, produced between 1981 and 1983 by the Pacifica Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation.

Bill of Rights radio education project mini-documentaries

These recordings are of twelve excerpts from the nine-part series the "Bill of Rights Radio Education Project," executive produced by Adi Gevins. This program is also executive produced by Adi Gevins, with John Rieger as producer. Each excerpt is three to five minutes long. Reel 1: 1. "Hand guns and the Fourth Amendment"
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