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Women and psychosurgery / Dr. Peter Breggin ; interviewed by Jane Backner.

Jane Backner interviews Dr. Peter Breggin, Washington, DC psychiatrist, who has for the past year done research into the return of psycho-surgery and lobotomy as an accepted medical treatment for a variety of diagnosed emotional problems. In this program he discusses why the large majority of people undergoing psychosurgery are women. Dr. Breggin is on the faculty of the Washington School of Psychological Research and has written two books: "The Crazy and the Sane," published last year (1971?); and "The Hebrew Disease," to be published in the fall (1972?). This program was produced by WBUR-FM.

Breggin, Peter Roger, 1936-, Women -- Mental health., Mentally ill persons -- Care and treatment., Women's health services, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Psychology and psychotherapy BC0710
The Human connection / Ashley Montagu. (Episode 7 of 9)

The physical anthropologist Dr. Ashley Montagu discusses his career, the importance of love in life, Hitler, women's place, women's intution, Jewish sensitivity, politics and muscle power, sexism, abortion, medicine, sexuality, Christianity, and destructive beliefs. Recorded at the Explorers of Humankind: First International Congress on the Bodily Arts & Sciences conference, Los Angeles, June 10, 1978. Recorded and produced by Roy E. Tuckman.

Women, Human Potential movement., Jews -- Psychology., Physical anthropology., Sexism, Montagu, Ashley, 1905-1999, HITLER, ADOLF, 1889-1945., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Men's commentary and experiences KZ0416.07
The Crippled Person / lecture and interview with Dr. Carl Faber (Episode 1 of 4)

This is the first episode "The Crippled Person" in a four part series of lectures by Dr. Carl Faber entitled "Woman as slave." This episode is in three parts. In part one, Dr. Faber is interviewed prior to KPFK's presentation of the first lecture by Helene Rosenbluth, a young lesbian feminist and Roy Tuckman, male feminist, about what he means to say in the lecture series, his motivations, audience reactions, the situation of a man talking to women about women, his data sources, and male versus female feeling experience.

Part two is the lecture portion of this episode, Dr. Faber's "The Crippled Person," given in January 1977. In this lecture, Faber says men can't define women's roles and that psychology is piggish. The deal with men has been for women to be crippled, allowed various thoughts and roles and disallowed others. The essence of woman's experience of self is hurt and impotence, which may overwhelm her entire life. At the same time, her slave master man leans on her for self respect and love, which makes her hate him more. The essential problem: women are ripped off.

Part three is the second interview of Dr. Faber by Rosenbluth and Tuckman about how men can avoid abusing women and being sexist; women working alone versus women in a group; coupleism versus groupism; definitions of vulnerability; ego defense; and eastern versus western philosophical points of view. Instructions given "This interview should be played right after lecture #1 (Part 2). There is an introduction to lecture #2 at the end, so the announcer should indicated when lecture #2 will be broadcast."

Interviews with Dr. Faber were recorded in March 1977. Program produced by Roy Tuckman.

Faber, Carl., Women -- Mental health., Women -- Psychology., Women -- United States -- Social conditions., Women -- United States -- History., Prejudices and antipathies., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Men's commentary and experiences KZ0197.01
Composer Marta Ptaszyńska (Episode 39)

A program focusing on the work of Polish-born contemporary composer and percussionist Marta Ptaszyńska, who teaches musical composition at UC Berkeley. Produced and presented by Virginia Kosanovic. Self-contained. [This reel is an aircheck that lacks the outro]. Contents: Intro; followed by an interview with Ptaszyńska conducted at her home; then three of Marta Ptaszynska's compositions: Improvisation for Orchestra (1968 premier performance); Siderals for percussion ensemble; and Madrigals for wind quartet, string quartet, trumpet and trombone. Engineered by Susan Kernes. Portions of this program were broadcast in a "Focus on Women Composers" program that aired in March 1977.

Women composers., Women musicians., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Ptaszyńska, Marta American Women -- Music and musicians AZ1132.39
A celebration of Black womanhood: Black women in the health sciences (Tapes 5 and 7 only)

Actualities from Barnard College's conference "Celebration of Black Womanhood" held February 4-5, 1978. Tapes in Pacifica's holdings were numbered #5 and #7, indicating that several are missing. These two parts are from a panel about Black women and careers in the health sciences. Part 5 is about applying to medical school. Speakers include Jewel Hodge, Association of American Medical Colleges; Iona Lyles, Assistant for Minority Affairs at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. 

Part 7 is a continued discussion about education and training in medical professions. Includes speakers Kay Kennedy, RN, the first Black head nurse at a hospital, who talks about her experiences and work in health related fields; Audine Nelson[sp?], nutritionist, about related health careers; Rosalyn Bowser[sp?] nutritionist at the Harlem Hospital; Q&A (level on questions is very low).

Unclear if this portion was actually broadcast on WBAI. See IZ1417 for another panel from this conference.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Barnard Organization for Black Women Celebration of Black Womanhood, February 4, 1978, Blacks -- Education., African American women physicians, Minorities -- Education., Minority women -- Social conditions., Discrimination in education -- United States., NURSING & NURSES, African American Women American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination, American Women -- Work and unions IZ1512
Women in religious life

Documentary on the role of women in organized religion, featuring several women in religions life including Bonnie Daniel, Pastor, and Pat Piven, Exhorter, from the West Bay Metropolitan Community Church in Santa Monica; Presbyterian interim pastor Donna Prickett; and three members of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart religious community: Margaret Welsh, who heads the community, Helen Kelly, President of Immaculate Heart College, and Ruth Ann Murray, Principal elect of Immaculate Heart High School.

Women and religion., Gays -- Religious life., Religious tolerance -- United States., Kelly, Helen., Immaculate Heart College (Los Angeles, Calif.), Metropolitan Community Church, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Religion, American Women -- Education BC1984
Mammography, X-rays, and more cancer / Irwin Bross ; interviewed by Ida Honorof.

Ida Honorof interviews Dr. Irwin Bross, Director of the Roswell Park Memorial Institute for Cancer Research, at his home in Eggersville, NY. Bross has been an outspoken critic of "The War on Cancer", arguing that much of the money for cancer research has been wasted on "scientific boondoggles" such as the cancer vaccine program, and warns that mammography not only has limited value in detecting breast cancer but that CAT scanning may, in fact, be harmful to patients. This is part one. Part two of the interview was broadcast on March 26, 1979. The archives currently only holds part one of this interview.

Bross, Irwin D.J., Radiation -- Health hazards., Cancer education., X-rays and cancer., Breast -- Radiography, Mammography, X-rays, and more cancer / Irwin Bross ; interviewed by Ida Honorof., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Health KZ0581
Community acceptance of the responsible teacher / Isadore Rubin. (Episode 11 of 12)

The second Sunday morning speaker at the symposium "The Uncertain Quest - The Dilemmas of Sex Education," produced by and held at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco and simulcast on KPFA, is Isadore Rubin, Ph.D. He is the Managing Editor of Sexology Magazine and the Treasurer of Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, New York. He speaks on the need for community support for sex education instructors.

Sex instruction, Rubin, Isadore, Teenagers -- Sexuality., Adolescent psychology., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Sex BB0722.11
Art and mythology of India

Clare Spark talks with Dr. Pratapaditya Pal, the curator for Islamic and Indian art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The role of mythology in Indian tradition, especially as regards the Heeramaneck collection. Pal starts with talking about the Standing Ganesha sculpture in LACMA's collection that dates from around the 16th-17th century A.D, and also discusses the Avatars of Vishnu. He discusses the altar at his mother's (and most orthodox women's homes) in India, and how she worships -- that it is the same thing priests do at temples. Pal says that the problem of making the study of art so intellectual is that we lose the closeness with the object and the significance of the creation. Contains background music for ambient effect.

Spark, Clare., Mythology, Indian., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Indian art, Pal, Pratapaditya, Los Angeles County Museum of Art American Women -- Art and artists BB5173
Women in the United Kingdom

Viv Sutherland talks with professor Helen Baehr of the Center Polyclinic of London about the status of women in the United Kingdom.

Baehr, Helen, Women -- Great Britain, Feminism, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- International women BC2196.20
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