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Amalia Fleming (Lady Fleming) on the Greek junta / introduced by John Brademas.

Amalia Fleming (Lady Fleming) speaks on the situation in Greece under the General's right wing junta--a speech given before the Women's National Democratic Club in Washington, D.C. Lady Fleming was exiled from Greece and stripped of her Greek citizenship due to her political activities against the junta, and is the author of "A piece of truth," a personal account of her imprisonment. She is introduced by Congressman John Brademas (D-IN).

Fleming, Amalia, Lady, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Political prisoners -- Greece., Greece--History--Coup d'état, 1967 (April 21), Brademas, John, 1927-, Women's National Democratic Club (U.S.) American Women -- International women, American Women -- Politicians and politics BC1327
Six women playwrights / produced by Lin Harris

Six women playwrights, Corinne Jacker, Myrna Lamb, Ruth Wolff, Tina Howe, Alice Childress, and Honor Moore, read live at the Manhattan Theater Club on May 8, 1977. The evening's program is introduced by Janet Sternberg, producer of the poetry series at the Manhattan Theater Club. Honor Moore, editor of "The New Women’s Theatre: Ten Plays by Contemporary American Women," which includes all of these playwrights, introduces each reader. Produced by Lin Harris.

Jacker, Corinne., Childress, Alice., Howe, Tina., Moore, Honor., Lamb, Myrna, Wolff, Ruth., Dramatists., Radio programs -- Fiction., Women authors, Six women playwrights / produced by Lin Harris., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Theater IZ0046
Dorothy Healey on Rosa Luxemburg

Activist Dorothy Healey (1914-2006) offers an exploration of the revolutionary activities and philosophy of Rosa Luxemburg, the extraordinary German Jewish Communist leader.

Communists -- Biography., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Healey, Dorothy, 1914-2006, Luxemburg, Rosa, 1871-1919 American Women -- International women, American Women -- Politicians and politics BC0872
Blacks and the Washington D.C. ballet / Claire Haywood; interviewed by Naomi Eftis and Elaine Heffernan.

Hosts Naomi Eftis and Elaine Heffernan interview Claire Haywood (d. 1978), artistic director of the Capitol Ballet Company, and co-founder, with Doris Jones, of the Jones-Haywood School of Ballet. The Jones-Haywood school, was founded in 1941 to give minority children an opportunity to study classical ballet at a time when opportunities were limited for African-American students. She discusses the founding of their school, her NEA-funded teacher-training course, her ballet company, and finding a career in ballet.

Ballet., Blacks in the performing arts., African American women dancers, Haywood, Claire, -1978, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Dance, American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WZ0117
The Velvet Sledgehammer: August 24, 1983 (Part 1 only)

Production reel for the June 1, 1983 episode of The Velvet Sledgehammer, hosted and produced by Eileen Zalisk. Kathy Ann Kersey interviews Carole Seskin of the Avalon Nurses Registry about childcare options and day care services for working mothers. Eileen Zalisk interviews with Zora Zarubina (b. 1920), Professor of English and member of the Soviet Women's Committee, about women in the Soviet Union. This is Part 1 of 2. Part 2, which the label indicates contains a reading of Lumiere by Cris Williamson, is missing from the collection.

CHILD CARE, NANNY., Women -- Soviet Union., Women -- Soviet Union -- Political activity., Williamson, Cris., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Day care centers, Working mothers American Women -- International women, American Women -- Parenting and children IZ1088
Women and the world in the 1980s: Grenada in 1983

Blanche Wiesen Cook speaks with poet and novelist Audre Lorde (1934-1992) and Zala Chandler from the Coalition of Concerned Black Women on the recent US-led invasion of Grenada. Lorde reads an excerpt from Zami: A New Spelling of My Name - A Biomythography (Crossing Press, 1983, repress).

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, GRENADA, Grenada -- Invasion, 1983., Lorde, Audre American Women -- International women IZ1349.11
Women's News: October 13, 1980

Women's News for KPFA, October 13, 1980. The anchors are Julia Randall and Helen Mickiewicz. Segments: 1. Abortion fund limits: State control of Medicaid; 2. Sterilization laws in California, mandatory consent; 3. San Francisco Women's Building struck by pipe bomb - features interviews with Women's Building staff members; 4. Resignation of Mary Cunningham as Senior Vice President of the Bendix Corporation, known as "The Bendix Blunder"; 5. Oakland Police Department recruit files sexual harassment lawsuit; 6. Mandate for women Boston city employees to dress only in skirts; 7. Take Back the Night march in San Francisco - report by Pamela Hoelscher; 8. Older Women Job Discrimination conference; 9. Tampon toxic shock syndrome - report by Maureen Hogan (introduced but missing from reel); 10. Conservatism-Right to Life group rallies at UC Berkeley - report by Mary Sinclair; 11. Anti-woman laws in Contra Costa County; 12. Catholic Synod-annulments, birth control, etc.; 13. Mormon women criticizing Church hierarchy for their opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment; 14. Surgical fertilization allowing infertile women to conceive; 15. Panel of obstetricians developing alternatives to Caesarean sections; 16. Bridget Rose "Red Rosie" Dugdale, Irish heiress turned revolutionary, released from jail on parole; 17. Dessie Woods, convicted of shooting a white man who attempted to rape her and sentenced to 22 years in prison, up for parole hearing.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Radio news programs American Women -- Feminism, American Women -- Reproductive rights, American Women -- Violence against women, American Women -- Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) AZ1689.04
Black women of achievement: Stephanie Colbert Hopkins

Interview with Stephanie Colbert Hopkins, president of Star Step, Inc, a public relations firm. Hopkins, a Black small business owner, discusses her professional and personal successes, the current job market for Black people, and the double stigma she faces as a business owner of being both Black and a woman. Contains listener phone calls. Hosted and produced by Marie Smith. Intro of host and guest cut off at beginning. The month's theme for Upstream was Black Women of Achievement.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Black women -- History., African American Women, Business enterprises, Black American Women -- Women of Color and discrimination WZ0255.02
A conversation with Doris Lessing / interviewed by Richard Keffler

Doris Lessing, the author of The Golden Notebooks and other novels, talks with free-lance writer Richard Koffler about society and writing. The program was specially recorded for Pacifica at the London studios of the BBC. RECORDED: by the BBC in London, England. BROADCAST: WBAI, 13 Oct. 1963.

Lessing, Doris, 1919-2013, Women authors, Authorship., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Authors and journalists, American Women -- International women BB3368
Erotic art by women / produced by Judith Vivell.

Hannah Wilke, sculptor; Ann Sharp, collagist; Irene Stern, photographer; Judith Bernstein, artist (in paper and charcoal); and Louise Bougeois, sculptor, discuss women's erotic art and how they define "erotic art". Produced and hosted by Judith Vivell.

Wilke, Hannah., Sharp, Ann., Bourgeois, Louise, 1911-2010, Bernstein, Judith., Women artists, Women in art., Stern, Irene, 1911-2005, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Art and artists BC2255
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