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A night of women musicians: ca. 1975 (Part One only)

A Night of Women Musicians at WBAI's Free Music Store, date unknown (ca. 1973). Host is Ms. Mark Giles. Part one features first the New Woman's Brass Quartet, which includes Lauren Draper, Laurie Frank, Ann Slayton[sp?] and Kathy Kerry. They are followed by a performance by singer/songwriter Roz Esposito. Part two includes performances by Sharon Stone and Zenobia (from the show "Hair"), however Pacifica only has Part one. Previously numbered IZ1461.03A.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, CLASSICAL MUSIC, Women musicians., Renaissance music. American Women -- Music and musicians BC0709.36
A Packet beating like a heart / by Eloise Klein Healy ; recorded by Catherine Stifter.

Eloise Klein Healy reads from her newly published book of poetry "A Packet Beating Like A Heart." Healy, a Los Angeles-based poet, gives a moving, energetic reading which was recorded live at the Woman's Building in Los Angeles, December 1980. Poems read: Going away -- You won't love me and I learn death -- She was my friend, too -- It could have all happened and part of it did -- Dark -- A mile out of town -- Poem for my youth/poem for young women -- Edging -- Like a woman in a short story -- A packet beating like a heart -- About losing -- I name your love for me -- Driven to meet you in rainy weather -- Generous -- I spent the day with you -- Finally -- After the last call home. Catherine Stifter, recorder.

Healy, Eloise Klein., Poetry, Modern., Women poets, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Poetry PZ0031
A parent's choice / Mrs. Evalyn Dundas interviewed by Elsa Knight Thompson

Mrs. Evalyn Dundas, whose son Malcolm is serving a prison term for non-cooperation with the draft, discusses with Elsa Knight Thompson the problems that such a situation poses for parents. Malcolm was granted the status of conscientious objector, and joined the Peace Corps through which he was a teacher in Tanzania. He was then recalled by the government and given the draft status of 1A. Malcolm protested the draft, was arrested, and at the time of this interview, was serving a term of 18 months in Lompoc prison. Evalyn discusses her reaction to Malcolm's objections and actions, as well as how other parents have reacted to their children's actions; learning about the terms of the draft and the Vietnam war; how her own attitudes have changed from this experience; and Malcolm's experiences in prison thus far. Evalyn also shares the reactions she's received from everyone from family members to strangers, some of whom were WWII veterans, both for and against her son's stance. RECORDED: 25 July 1967. BROADCAST: KPFA, 3 Sept. 1967.

Thompson, Elsa Knight, Parenting., Draft resistance., Dundas, Malcolm, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Peace and Antinuclear activism, American Women -- Vietnam conflict BB2148
A Private joke that got out of hand / reported by Phil Williams, Bob Bender and Marc Haarz.

Report on the world's first underground comic convention. Includes discussions of sex and sexism, science fiction, overground vs. underground comics, and women's comics. Music by R. Crumb and His Keep on Trucking Orchestra. Contains sensitive language. Participants include: Clay Geerdes, one of the organizers of the convention; cartoonists Bill Griffith (Mr. Toad), Justin Green (Binky Brown), David Geiser (Bobby Boilsucker), Tom Veitch (Legion of Charlies), Manuel "Spain" Rodriguez (Trashman), Shelby Sampson and Lee Marrs (Wimmin's Comix), and Gary Arlington; and publishers Denis Kitchen and Ron Turner. Dramatizations of comics performed by Mara Sabinson, Teddy Sobel, Ben Yahya, and Joe Lomuto. RECORDED: in Berkeley, California. BROADCAST: KPFA, 1973.

Haarz, Mark., Bender, Bob., Alternative press., Wit and humor., American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Geerdes, Clay, 1934-1997, Underground comics American Women -- Art and artists BC1488
A public meeting before jail / David Harris and Joan Baez

An event featuring David Harris speaking about his pending conviction for draft resistance. Joan Baez Harris, Jeffrey Shurtleff and "Fondle"[unclear], referring to themselves as the Struggle Mountain Resistance Band, perform songs together before and after David Harris' speech. Loren Basham of The Resistance moderates. Event recorded at the Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco on Independence Day, July 4, 1969. Note for intro: David Harris is scheduled to have a warrant issued for his arrest on Tuesday (July 15), and will probably be arrested no later than Wednesday, according to information received from his attorneys. His jail sentence is three years for draft resistance. Technical notes: Part 1 of this program is the first half of this tape (to leader); part 2, which should be segued as tightly as possible (applause ends first segment & begins second), is on reel 2; Part 3 is second half of this reel, and should be segued tightly after applause fades at end of part 2. Note: Reel 1 at 15 ips, Reel 2 at 7.5 ips.

Harris, David., Baez, Joan, Draft resistance., Protests, demonstrations, vigils, etc. -- San Francisco (Calif.)., Final public meeting before jail / David Harris and Joan Baez.**The, Shurtleff, Jeffrey, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Music and musicians, American Women -- Vietnam conflict BB2208
A question of justice / written by Susan Glaspell (Episode 12 of 14)

Reading of a short story about a woman on trial for the murder of her husband. Although advertised in the KPFA Folio as "A question of justice," this is actually a short story called "A jury of her peers," written by Susan Glaspell around 1916. This is the twelfth episode of the fourteen-episode series produced and broadcast on KPFA by Virginia Maynard and Charles Levy from 1958 to 1959. The series was written and directed by Virginia Maynard and produced by Maynard and Chuck Levy, narrated by Levy, and engineered by David Talcott. It was funded in part by the Educational Television and Radio Center in Ann Arbor and distributed nationally by the National Association of Educational Broadcasters.

Feminism, Women's rights -- United States -- History, Glaspell, Susan, 1876-1948, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- Feminism, American Women -- Women's history BB0130.12 A Question of justice / written by Susan Glaspell ; produced by Virginia Maynard and Charles Levy (Episode 12 of 14) (CD)
A reading and interview with Diana Chang

A reading and interview with Chinese-American novelist and poet Diana Chang. Chang first reads from her latest novel, A Perfect Love (Jove Books), speaks with Brown and then reads several of her poems. Produced by Wesley Brown.

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Chang, Diana (Diana C.), Brown, Wesley, 1945-, Women authors American Women -- Poetry, American Women -- Authors and journalists IZ1429
A reading with Marilyn Lowen

A reading by dancer, poet, teacher, and civil rights and women's rights activist Marilyn Norma Lowen (1944 - ).

American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Lowen, Marilyn, Women poets, Poetry -- Women authors., Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.) American Women -- Poetry IZ1469
A Retrospective on radical feminism / produced by Moira Rankin and Deborah George.

A documentary that looks at the development of ideas that shaped the radical women's movement, mainly focusing on the movement in the 1970s. Includes bits of movie soundtracks, speeches and interviews with the women who made history. Topics covered in the program are women and labor unions in the early 20th century, the return to the home after WWII, women in the civil rights movement, the New Left and the beginning of the autonomous women's movement, the formation of women's liberation groups, the emergence of radical lesbian groups such as the Furies, the United Nations International Women's Year Conference of 1977, feminist health clinics and other women's centers, organizing women household workers, grand jury investigations of members of the women's movement, racism within the women's movement. Among those voices heard are Alix Kates Shulman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Leslie Cagan, Cynthia Funk, Joan Byron, Betty Friedan, Carol Downer, Gerri Traina, Edith Barksdale Sloan, Jill Raymond, Donna Keck, and Cynthia Washington. Produced by Moira Rankin and Deborah George. A presentation of the Sophie's Parlor Media Collective.

Feminism, Women's movement, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982, Feminism--United States--History--20th century, Shulman, Alix Kates, Hamer, Fannie Lou, Friedan, Betty, Sloan, Edith Barksdale, Keck, Donna American Women -- Radical Feminism WZ0185 A Retrospective on radical feminism / produced by Moira Rankin and Deborah George.
A Swedish social democrat / Birgitta Dahl interviewed by Sue Supriano

Birgitta Dahl, a social democrat and member of the Swedish Parliament for 13 years; interviewed by Sue Supriano. On making men equal to women in Sweden; the drive for humanizing society; the experience of child rearing. Recorded at the First International Conference in Solidarity with Grenada, November 1981. Previously cataloged as AZ0642.

Women -- Sweden -- Social conditions, Social role., Sex role, Equality., Dahl, Birgitta, 1937-, American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 American Women -- International women, American Women -- Politicians and politics AZ0642.01
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