Flower Watering On The Buddhist Path

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Flower Watering On The Buddhist Path
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Flower Watering On The Buddhist Path / Thich Nhat Hahn| produced by Jane Heaven. - Thich Nhat Hahn discusses aspects of the Buddhist approach to life, with the seeds of consciousness made of peace, joy, hate, and war. These aspects grow when touched by positives and negatives, so the goal of growth is to become mindful of the positive to promote the growth of peace and joy. Thich encourages psychotherapists to walk with their patients to help connect them to the joy of the sky. The development of mindfulness is a usefull tool in child development, and is a way to battle the "hungry ghosts" which dominate the Western world. He concludes by warning of the negative aspects of anger toward one's parents, and how to use meditation to learn compassion. - RECORDED: KPFA, 1993. BROADCAST: KPFK, 22 Feb. 1994.

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