State Of The Union : Ii

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State Of The Union : Ii
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State Of The Union : Ii / Gore Vidal| introduced by Jessica Mitford. - Talk by Gore Vidal, noted American author and social critic, which examines the methods of United States political and social control both domestically and abroad. CONTENT: r.1. Introduction / Jessica Mitford (9 min.)| Political career in California| his work with the film industry| Socialism| anti-intellectualism during the Truman era| owner-rulership in America| the Gulf War revisited| totalitarianism| political correctness as a machiavellian tool| United States spending on defense and social welfare| revamping the Federal budget (35 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session. International socialism| the rise of fundamentlazism| taxation| education| death| William Buckley| political castes| Noam Chomsky| Al Gore| feminism| political office| politics of sexual identity (47 min.). - RECORDED: KPFA, 14 Feb. 1994.

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