Nonviolence In The Farm Workers Movement

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Nonviolence In The Farm Workers Movement
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Nonviolence In The Farm Workers Movement / Delores Huerta| introduced by Su Kapoor. - Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union with Cesar Chavez, presents a biographical sketch of her life and development as a Union organizer in California. Originally born in New Mexico, she moved to California at the age of 5. She graduated from the University of Pacific in Stockton and began teaching in the local school. She quickly found that the children where hungry and ill-clothed. Ms. Huerta realized she could have a greater impact if she organized the farm workers to better their conditions. These is how she and Chavez came to found the UFW. - RECORDED: Ted Wills Center, Fresno, 18 Feb. 1995.

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