From Crisis, Hope

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From Crisis, Hope
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From Crisis, Hope. - Documentary produced on the 15th anniversay of the founding of the United Nations which traces its development from 1945 to the Cold War era of 1960. Opens with Sir Lawrence Olivia reading the preamble to the United Nations Charter, and goes on to examine earlier efforts to secure international peace through the League of Nations. With the collapse of the League and the onset of World War II, efforts were renewed to create a more effective international body to promote diplomacy over war. Features the voices of Franklin Roosevelt, Soviet ambassador Vyacheslav Molotov, Georges Bidault, Sir Anthony Eden, Lie Trygve, Jawaharlal Nehru, Vincent Auriol, Vishinsky, Jan Smuts, Dag Hammershokjold, Ernest Bevin, Jan Masaryk, Anjdrei Gromyko, Albert Einstein, Harry Truman, Harold MacMillan, and Winston Churchill. - RECORDED: 1960.

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