The Little People Or Think Big

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The Little People Or Think Big
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The Little People Or Think Big / produced by Larry Josephson. - Visit to the 15th Annual Convention of the Little People of America, an organization of dwarfs. Received Armstrong award, 1974. Limited distribution rights. - BROADCAST: KPFK, July 1973.|THE LITTLE PEOPLE : OR THINK BIG / produced by Larry Josephson. - A collage impression of the 15th annual convention of The Little People of America, a self-help organization of those commonly known as dwarfs or midgets but who perfer to be known as people of short stature. The convention was like any other American convention, full of politics, banquets, drinking, sex, happiness and, for some of the little people, bitterness and sadness. Received the Armstrong Award. Limited distribution rights. - RECORDED: Oakland, California, July 1973. BROADCAST: KPFK, July 1973.

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