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A Report On The Conspiracy In Chicago In 1968

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A Report On The Conspiracy In Chicago In 1968
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A Report On The Conspiracy In Chicago In 1968| Produced by WBAI| Recorded on April 15, 1979. Includes tape excerpts from 1968. - CONTENT: Program aired on WBAI and includes a report on the conspiracy in Chicago in 1968. Soundbites of Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Krassner, and Dave Dellinger. Art Goldberg covers the park and the un-birthday party. Abbie and the others thought up. Reports on demonstrators climbing the 1864 statue. Song of Bob Dylan's, Maggie's Farm. Roger Black and Steve Booksheller's coverage. Dellinger talks about the trial and the judge's rulings and William Kunstler who was ordered to jail on false charges. - Broadcast on April 15, 1979.

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