Up From The Ashes : Rebuilding Los Angeles

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Up From The Ashes : Rebuilding Los Angeles
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Up From The Ashes : Rebuilding Los Angeles / Joe Hicks, Antonio Villaraigosa, Angela Oh. - SERIES: City on the edge| no. 2 Panel discussion which explores the realities of race relations in Los Angeles, and the hope for change following the 1992 uprising. Panel is comprised of Joe Hicks, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Southern Christian Leadership Conference| Antonio Villaraigosa, Vice-Resident of the ACLU Board of Directors| and Angela Oh, President of the Korean-American Bar Association. Issues include comparison of 1965 and 1992 riots, racism in the U.S. judicial system, Asian-Black relations, employment, coalition building, the need for economic development, and the role of the media in feeding the disturbance. CONTENT: r.1. Panel discussion (57 min.) -- r.2. Question and answer session (27 min.). RECORDED: 16 May 1992.

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