The Ideology Of Domination

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The Ideology Of Domination
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The Ideology Of Domination / Ralph Metzner. SERIES: Inventing a psychology of our relationship to earth| no. 1 Lectures recorded at the Earth Trust Conference which point to the ideological systems which shape Euramerican approaches toward the environment and other humans. CONTENT: Psychotherapist Ralph Metzner, co-founder and President of the Green Earth Foundation, speaks about his view of ecopsychology. Because we are human-centered, humans feel the right to dominate not only other humans, but also the natural world. Metzner argues against racism, sexism, nationalism, as well as the concept that homosapiens are the most important species. Within his view, all of the rights movements reflect a common "I" centered view of the universe. There must be broader social justice movements, redistribution policies, and consciousness movements. RECORDED: Earth Trust Conference, 11-13 Nov. 1994.

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