Dead Man Walking Interview With Sister Helen Prajean

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Dead Man Walking Interview With Sister Helen Prajean
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DEAD MAN WALKING, INTERVIEW WITH SISTER HELEN PRAJEAN| Produced by Pamela Burton| Summer of 1993. - CONTENT: Interview with Sister Helen Prajean, author of the book, Dead Man Walking. Sister Prajean wrote the book as a story that she hopes will inform the public who believes in the death penalty. She explains how she came to serve on death row, after teaching the poor in Saint Thomas Projects at Hope House. Prajean's book talks about each character involved with the matter of capital punishment, and presents the crime and murder victims with how the system doesn't work for them. Prajean points out how the death penalty was changed by Camus in France. Camus said that the one solidarity we should have as human beings is to relieve human suffering. Prajean also contextualizes passages traditionally used from the bible to defend the death penalty. - Broadcast in the summer of 1993, exact date not known.

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