The San Patricios Batallion

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The San Patricios Batallion
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The San Patricios Batallion / Victor Valle. - Program includes portions of both an in-studio interview with and excerpts from the documentary 'The San Patricios' made by Mark R. Day, media activist and filmmaker. The interview and documentary are included in 'Music Chicanos may consider' a program that airs regularly on KPFK. The San Patricios Batallion was a group of American soldiers who deserted the U.S. military during the American war against Mexico in 1846. Issues raised in the program include non-anglo-centric historical revisionalism, societal contradictions (racism/classism), effects on the morale of troops during a war, the U.S. war against Mexico as an imperialist land-grab, and the myth of Manifest Destiny. - RECORDED: 19 Feb 1996 BROADCAST: 16 Mar 1996

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