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Democracy Now : May 14 : Cia/crack/ Contra Connection. Counter Clio Awards

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Democracy Now : May 14 : Cia/crack/ Contra Connection. Counter Clio Awards
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DEMOCRACY NOW : MAY 14 : CIA/CRACK/CONTRA CONNECTION. COUNTER CLIO AWARDS / Pacifica Foundation| Produced by Julie Drizin and Amy Goodman| hosted by Amy Goodman. - CONTENT: pt.1. News headlines (4:00) -- pt.2. CIA/CRACK/CONTRA connection| discussion on the executive director of the San Jose Mercury News published critique of the series of articles that ran last year linking the rise of crack cocaine use to the CIA and US driven war in Nicaragua| guest Gary Webb, author of the series of articles (16:00) -- pt.3. Counter Clio Awards| The advertising industry's version of the oscars are tonight and for the first time, a group of media activists are challenging the awards with their own counter Clio awards| guest Makani Themba, co-director of the Praxis Project, a media and policy center and Shelly Pasnik, Director of the ChildrenUS policy of center for Media Education and Larry Adelman, co-director of the California Newsreel (19:00) -- pt.4. Famine in Haiti| look at Haiti and the developing crisis there| guests Camille Chalmers, head of the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development and Tim Wise, Executive Director of Grassroots International(17:00) - Broadcast on May 14, 1997.

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