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New Visions In An Endangered World : Morning Session

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New Visions In An Endangered World : Morning Session
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New Visions In An Endangered World : Morning Session. SERIES: Harmonia Mundi conference| no. 1 A Healing Mind psychology conference which explores the synthesis of Eastern and Western psychology through plenary sessions, lectures, panel discussions and workshops. CONTENT: Round table discussion of issues such as: the end of nature| war and peace| hope and action| unbearableness of suffering| animal suffering| eating meat| animal experimentation| dehumanization of the other. The panel is comprised of The Dalai Lama| Daniel Goleman, psychologist who covers the behavioral sciences for the New York Times| Jean Shinoda Bolen, Jungian psychiatrists and authors| Jack Engler, psychologist at the harvard medial School| Joanna Macy, Buddhist and ecological activist| Margaret Brenman-Gibson, Professor of Psychology at the Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age. RECORDED: Newport Beach, Oct. 1989.

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