Democracy Now! August 27, 2001

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Democracy Now! August 27, 2001
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Protests to end seige against Iraq ; Activist Cathy Kelly ; PART 1: JOHN ALPERT's coverage of wars ; DNA tests gets Charles Fane out of prison.

Headlines:Israeli raid kills PLO activist ; Colin Powell will not attend racism conference in S. Africa ; Genetically modified foods and trade laws ; French farmers protest GMF crops (Beauvois sp.?); Vieques and Japanese protest U.S. military presence ; industry and science is compromising ; Dracula theme park rights owned by Disney, not Romania. Music Break : "Oh My God" from CD "Stay Human" Charles Fane let out of death row on DNA tests (almost 100 prisoners have been released on DNA basis) GUEST: FRED HOOPS, Idaho Falls Attorney on case ; GUEST: CHRISTENE HARDING, Redman Oregon Librarian who testified in Fane's trial ; Music Break: Bob Dylan "Got to serve somebody" GUEST: KATHY KELLEY, 40 day faster against sanctions against Iraq at UN; Founder of Voices in the Wilderness at www. Music Break: "Whats so funny about peace, love and understanding" Curtus Steigler (sp.?) GUEST: JOHN ALPERT, war correspondent and founder DCTV, first to get footage of effects of bombing of Iraq during Persian-Gulf War but fired by NBC, refused to show his coverage; also CBS, nobody would show his coverage except in Europe ; Cuban & Yugoslavia mentioned. Downtown Community TV concepts. Tomorrow will continue this discussion and about his Philippines coverage. Outro: DN is broadcasting from DCTV located in Engine House 31 (Fire Station) in Chinatown in Manhattan in exile from the studios of WBAI. "We are Pacifica" .

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August 27, 2001
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August 27, 2001
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59 min.
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WPFW; Kris Abrams, and Brad Simpson. Anthony Sloan, Technical Director. August 27, 2001
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