Reagan Press Conference, June 11, 1987

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Reagan Press Conference, June 11, 1987
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Economic Summit 7 happening in Venice, Italy. Less government and more personal freedom - cut trade barriers and protectionism. Reduce government subsidies of agriculture. United front in Persian Gulf - England and France are there, resolution of Iran-Iraq War. Arms reduction and agreements with Soviets-Afghanistan. #1 question - Helen: Iran-Contra, North said he acted with your blessing. "I told you all the truth" - nothing to do with freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Helen follow-up - you took the oath twice - doesn't the law apply to you? "I didn't solicit anyone." Boland Amendment. Helen - you knew nothing about arms shipment? #2. Superpower - "you trapped me," my years as sports announcer. "Would Sept be a good guess?" #3. Chris - Elliott Abrams repeatedly mislead Congress - sec. of state. said he could keep his job. Follow up Gene Hasenfus, cuts him off. #4 Bill - Sam joke/joke - Donaldson - Help in the Persian Gulf, Help our Allies - "We aren't trying to provoke them."

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June 11, 1987
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June 11, 1987
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