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Archbishop Oscar Arnolfo Romero's last interview with commentary.

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Archbishop Oscar Arnolfo Romero's last interview with commentary.
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Interview with Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero and commentary all in Spanish. Contains <a href="fullrecord.php?arc=AZ0401" >AZ0401--last</a> interview with the outspoken critic of El Salvador's military government two days prior to his assassination. Romero condemns U.S. assistance to El Salvador, discusses security forces, the Christian democratic party, the worker-peasant coalition, and the church.|LAST INTERVIEW WITH ARCHBISHOP OSCAR ARNULFO ROMERO OF EL SALVADOR / produced by John Clements. - SERIES: El Salvador Now. - In this program, the last interview Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero is known to have granted before his assasination, he condemns U.S. military aid to his country as unwarranted intervention. He discusses the role of the security forces, the Christian Democratic Party, the worker-peasant coalitions, and the Church in El Salvador.
<br />See also <a href="fullrecord.php?arc=AZ1491" >AZ1491</a> . #SOS255

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Pacifica Radio Archives, Los Angeles, CA. 1987.
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