Pagan press review: Anti-defamation attempts by Pagans (Episode 3 of 4)

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Pagan press review: Anti-defamation attempts by Pagans (Episode 3 of 4)
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this third episode of Pagan press review will focus on modern day persecution and defamation of Pagans, and the attempts by Pagans to fight back. Includes readings from the following: "The aquarian manifesto" by Isaac Bonowitz available either in The Samhain, The Green Egg (Missouri) or the October Gnostica News; "Witch burning now and then" by Isaac Bonowitz, available in the January 1974 Gnostica News (Minnesota); "Witchcraft, the old religion" by Dr. Leo Martello, published by University Books; the articles on Robert Williams came from The New York Times March 24, 1974 and the Spring Equinox, 1974 issue of Earth Religion News (NY); the review of The Exorcist came from the Esotaur issue of The Witches' Trine (California); Songs: "Can Cerridwen" by Gwydion Pendderwen of Nemeton (verified); "Yellow brick road" by Elton John; and "Priestess" by Ed Sanders. Engineering by Jim Freund. Produced by Margot Adler.

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ca. March 28, 1974
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WBAI, Mar. 28 1974.
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4 reels (117 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1974.
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This recording has been digitally preserved as part of Pacifica's American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant preservation project, and is available for research and reference . Please contact the archives via telephone: 818-506-1077 or email:  americanwomen at pacificaradioarchives dot org for information on how to obtain a copy of this program. Thank you.

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