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Listen to Pacifica's extensive coverage and analysis of historic events, and subjects of national significance such as the Watergate scandal, COINTELPRO, and race relations.

All tapes are presumed copyright of the Pacifica Radio Archives and have been made available for public consumption unless otherwise noted. If you have any inquiries concerning the copyright status of any of the tapes listed below, please contact Brian DeShazor, director of the Pacifica Radio Archives, at (818) 506-1077 x263.

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Reunion: William Sennett interviewed by Dorothy Healey

Rebroadcast of Dorothy Healey's "Marxist commentary," an interview with William Sennett (b. 1941), a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and activist, about his observations of political conditions and communism in Italy shortly after his visit for the Abraham Lincoln Brigade reunion. Broadcast: 1976, KPFK. Archive #KZ0167.

Agents go public

Recording contains interviews and speeches regarding CIA misconduct and former CIA agents speaking out against the organizations' activities. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.03.

Bill Wallace on the National Security Agency and Ralph Nader on public apathy to the CIA disclosures

Bill Sokel interviews Bill Wallace, former National Security Agency employee and currently from the Center for National Security Studies, about the activities of the NSA; Ralph Nader talks about public apathy to the CIA disclosures. Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.08.

A Capitalist critique of the Vietnam War, hosted by Robert Hinton

Robert Hinton hosts this episode which features testimony given before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the effects of the war in Vietnam on the American economy on Thursday, April 16th, 1970. The testimony featured was given on the second day of the hearings by Eliot Janeway, economist and business consultant, and Gordon Sherman, President of Midas International.Broadcast: 1970-04-25, WBAI. Archive #BB4339.

The case of Paul Skyhorse and Richard Mohawk

Report on the murder trial of Paul Skyhorse and Richard Mohawk, including a report on recent events in Ventura County by Bruce Robinson, a brief background of the case by Tim McGovern, a report by investigator for the defense, Paula Giese, and speeches on the government conspiracy to frame the American Indian Movement (AIM) leaders given at a rally at UCLA on October 17, 1976, the second anniversary of the defendants' arrest. Broadcast: 1976-11-11, KPFK. Archive #KZ0020.

The CIA and dirty tricks: Victor Marchetti, interviewed by Robert Kuttner

On Washington Report, Victor Marchetti discusses his novel "Rope-Dancer" which was published in 1971. Marchetti discusses the CIA's role in foreign and domestic affairs, and what it is like to work in the organization. Broadcast: 1972-02-21, WBAI. Archive #BC0609.

The CIA director testifies: William Colby; analysis by Robert Krulwich

Open Journal episode concerning reports of the CIA employing newsmen for information gathering and dissemination, including CIA director William Colby's testimony before the House on Intelligence Commission on utilizing foreign news agencies for planting false stories. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.02.

The CIA involvement in Nicaragua and Central America: Philip Agee

Former CIA agent Philip Agee (1935-2008) talks to Pacifica's Pat Hynds about the dangers of counterrevolution in Nicaragua, as fomented by CIA activities including the propaganda campaign, economic destabilization, and military maneuvers around Grenada. Broadcast: 1981-10-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1092.

CIA town meeting sponsored by the CIA: moderated by Morton Halperin and produced by Jim Berland

Leonard Weinglass, Bella Abzug, Morton Halperin, Daniel Ellsberg, Victor Marchetti (former CIA agent), Ramona Ripston, Senator Alan Cranston, John Burton, Congressman Michael Harrington, and Lillian Hellman discuss the Central Intelligence Agency and the American Civil Liberties Union. Stanley Sheinbaum moderates. Recorded at at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, CA on April 26, 1975. Broadcast on KPFK on May 5, 1975. See also KZ1146.13. Archive #BC2269A, Archive #BC2269B.

CIA Town Meeting with Victor Marchetti, Bella Abzug, Allan Cranston

Recording includes Victor Marchetti making statement about the CIA investigation, Q and A with Bella Abzug, Alan Cranston and others. Also see BC2269A and BC2269B for more information. Stanley Shienbaum moderates. Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.13.

Current events from Washington, Robert Krulwich

Robert Krulwich hosts the Washington Report live from Washington, D.C. Episode contains a speech by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a review of President Ford's decision making process, and a dramatization of Ann Blackman interviewing President Ford's daughter, Susan, performed by Paz Cohen as Susan Ford and Robert Krulwich as Ann Blackman. Broadcast on WBAI on April 9, 1975. Broadcast: 1975-04-09, WBAI. Archive #BC2765.

Developments in the middle east, retired CIA agents conference, and making the CIA budget public

Katherine Ferguson reports from a conference for retired CIA agents and staff in Arlington, VA and interviews David Philips, founder of the association for retired intelligence officers. Broadcast: KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.11.

Dick Gregory & Alex Haley

Part 1: Richard Claxton "Dick" Gregory gives a speech on June 7, 1970 at the Longshoreman's Hall in San Francisco at a benefit sponsored by the Committee United for Political Prisoners. Gregory states his feelings that America's problems are every American's responsibility, and that young people are the new target of repression by the government. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1372.01.

Part 2: Alexander Murray Palmer "Alex" Haley, author of "Roots: The Saga of an American Family," and "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" is interviewed by a panel on the KCBS radio program "In Depth" circa 1976. The panel discusses the need for Black Studies programs at universities, and Haley explains how African Americans have been left out of America's historical record despite the important role that they have played in our history. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1372.02.

Restricted. Please contact Pacifica Radio Archives for information.

Do working girls lead a glamorous life? produced by Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson's documentary about the lifestyle of prostitutes, including interviews with Margo St. James, founder of COYOTE, Harold Greenwald, author of "The Call Girl," and working prostitutes. Also contains a reading from Kate Millett by Lucia Chapelle and and interview with Mel Stark by Judith Weiner. Broadcast on KPFK, Mar. 7, 1977. Archive #KZ0118.

Economics for dummies and other subjects, Robert Krulwich

Robert Krulwich hosts the Washington Report live from Washington, D.C. Episode contains a recording of Jimmy Breslin addressing the National Women's Democratic Club about New York City's financial troubles; "Economics for the Dummy"; Catherine Ferguson speaking with Senator Frank Church, head of the Intelligence investigation; and Ted Clark speaking to the People's Bicentennial Commission. Broadcast on WBAI, July 3, 1975. Broadcast: 1975-07-03, WBAI. Archive #BC2767.

Farewell Rosalita: A woman's story

On undocumented workers as seen by social service workers and domestics. Also published under the title Workers and Immigration Law. Broadcast: 1977-06-08, KPFW. Archive #WZ0080a, Archive #WZ0080b.

Fidel Castro speaks in Harlem

Fidel Castro speaks to the General Assembly at the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations on October 22, 1995 at the Abyssinian Church in Harlem, New York City. His remarks are translated live by interpreter. The event was sponsored by the Africans in the Americas Committee. Cuba special. Archive #DAT 0002.

The Flight of the Eagle, produced by Chuy Varela

Documentary on the United Farmworkers Union honoring the 30th anniversary of the Delano Grape Strike. Broadcast: Pacifica National Programming. Archive #PZ0280.

Ganienkeh: for the generations to come, produced by Tim McGovern

Ganienkeh, also known as the "Land of the Flint", is the ancestral territory of the Mohawk Nation which is located in the New York Adirondack Preserve. Speakers examine the treaties, incidents, and struggles amongst the traditional Mohawk community. Broadcast: 1976-07-05, WBAI. Archive #BC2946A, BC2946B.

Intelligence service: Victor Marchetti

Victor Marchetti, former CIA agent and co-author with John D. Marks of "CIA and the Cult of Intelligence," talks with Tim McGovern about his reasons for leaving the CIA, CIA programs in Vietnam, paramilitary operations in Latin America, and domestic intelligence. Broadcast: 1977[?], KPFK. Archive #KZ0390.

The internal danger: uncovering covert CIA activities

Collage of readings, speeches, and testimony on foreign and domestic espionage performed by the CIA. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.01.

Interview with Edward Said

On the Morning Show, Philip Maldari interviews Edward Said, Palestinian-American literary theorist and Palestinian rights activist, after the publication of his book, "Out of Place, A Memoir", which was winner of the 1999 New Yorker prize for non-fiction. They talk about Israel and Palestine and the criticism of the book. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1396.

Interview with Ron Dellums on illegal activities by the FBI

Bill Sokol talks with Oakland Congressman Ron Dellums about several documents he produced before the House Select Committee related to project "Inlet" and alleged wrongdoing by the FBI. Broadcast on KPFK May 30, 1975. Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.09.

Jim Hightower Show: World Trade Organization meeting edition of Chat 'n Chew

Part 1: WTO edition of Hightower's call-in program "Chat 'n Chew," broadcast from the library of the First United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA. Co-hosted by Susan DeMarco and produced by Rich Kennedy. Features a round-table discussion on the WTO with Mike Dolan, head of the Citizen Trade Campaign, James Hoffa, leader of the Teamsters Union, George Becker, head of the Steel Workers Union, and Han Shan, WTO Action Coordinator of the Ruckus Society. Needs editing before broadcast.
Broadcast: 1999-11-2. Archive #DAT 0004.

Part 2: Features a round-table discussion on the WTO protests with documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore, Chinese democratic dissident and author Wai Zhung Shang, Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, Mark Ritchie of the Institute for Trade and Agriculture, and Pacifica Radio's Mark Torres. Needs editing before broadcast. Broadcast: 1999-11-30. Archive #DAT 0005.

Looking at the CIA: Victor Marchetti interviewed by Tim McGovern

Victor Marchetti, former CIA agent and co-author with John D. Marks of "The CIA and The Cult of Intelligence", discusses the harassment he received while writing the book, and about CIA activities in Latin America. He discusses his background, why he left the CIA, and the reasons why he chose to write the book. Marchetti also talks about the CIA's activities in Southeast Asia and the coup in Guatemala. Broadcast: 1974-08-27, KPFK. Archive #BC2043.

Marc Coleman's nonviolent attack on the Oakland draft center, interviewed by Dave Lawsky

Marc Coleman, member of the Berkeley Peace Brigade, discusses his efforts to set up an anti- draft table in front of the local draftboard. He was arrested on July 15, a month and a half after he started the nonviolent protest. Broadcast: 1971-09, KPFA. Archive #BC0494.

Margo St. James Interview

Judy Pasternak interviews Margo St. James, self-described prostitute and sex positive feminist who is the founder of COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), which is a sex worker activist organization. She discusses the stigma of pornography and prostitution and the attempt to change the stigma by reclaiming the words "dyke" and "whore" as well as her goal to decriminalize prostitution and pimping. Broadcast: 1985-03-25, WBAI. Archive #IZ1140.

Mississippi Freedom Project 1964-1965

Part 1: Matthew Jones, field secretary for Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) from Knoxville, TN, gives background on how he became involved with the SNCC and his experience with restaurant sit-ins and other non-violent movements. Various recorded reports from Jackson, Miss. are made about protests, bombings, harassment, and Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1397A.

Part 2: Recorded reports on the Mississippi Voter Registration are done by Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC). Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1397B.

Mort Sahl speaks at State College

Mort Sahl (1927- ) is a Canadian-born American comedian is who was the first to perform on college campuses and also the first to record a live album. Sound quality in the first couple tracks is bad. Broadcast: KPFK. Archive #KZ4072.

National Lawyers Guild Executive Division Catherine Clark: Military Recruitment

National Lawyers Guild Executive Division Catherine Clark discusses "Military Recruitment". She mentions the national hot-line that has been started for people with questions about discharge options and risks that people may face when they've been told to report to duty. The last 10 seconds of the tape is damaged. Broadcast: KPFK.
Archive #KZ4073

News reports on the CIA, reported by Katherine Ferguson and Jim Berland

Program includes a report on the steps the CIA took to overthrow the Allende government, a report on perjury charges that CIA director Richard Helms may be facing, and the Washington Report on events affecting the CIA with Katherine Ferguson and Robert Krulwich. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.05.

The Oldest profession organizes: Margo St. James, interviewed by Jan Legnitto

Margo St. James discusses her work with COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics), a self-help organization for prostitutes, with Jan Legnitto of KPFA. She discusses the one-sided laws concerning prostitution in the United States. The interview was recorded in 1973. Broadcast: 1973, KPFA. Archive #BC1668.

Operation Dewey Canyon III, produced and narrated by Paul Fischer.

Documentary by Paul Fisher of the April 18-April 23, 1971 demonstrations in Washington, D.C. by Vietnam Veterans Against the War. John Kerry's statement given before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971 can be heard in part 2 at 00:07:37.Broadcast: 1971-05-07, WBAI. Archive #BC0017b.

The Other leadership : Crips and Bloods speak out

Part 1: Crips and Bloods speak out about the Los Angeles uprising. Four gang members from opposing gangs--Spud and Jason (Belok) of the Bloods, and Cedric (Baby Nerve) and Nate (Caliber) of the Crips, talk about the Rodney King beating and the civil unrest that followed the police aquittals. Broadcast: 1992, KPFK. Archive #KZ1908.01

Part 2: Crips and Bloods speak about gang life. Four Los Angeles area gang members, Spud and Jason (Belok) of the Bloods, and Cedric (Baby Nerve) and Nate (Caliber) of the Crips recount how they got involved with gangs and everyday life as a gang member. Broadcast: 1992, KPFK. Archive #KZ1908.02.

Palestinian and Jewish women in dialogue: women speak out against occupation

Part 1: Highlights from the Southern California Palestinian and Jewish Women in Dialogue conference, "Women Speak Out Against Occupation," held February 21, 1988 in Los Angeles. Produced by Lucia Chappelle. Broadcast: 1988-03-08, KPFK. Archive #KZ4054A.

Part 2: Question-and-answer session with speakers Nadia Said [sp?] Bettendorf, Nava Sonnenschein, and Angela Odeh. Produced by Lucia Chappelle. Broadcast: 1988-03-08, KPFK. Archive #KZ4054B.

Paula Gunn Allen with Josy Catoggio, The Voice of the Turtle: American Indian Literature 1900-1970

Broadcast: KPFK. Archive #KZ4112.

Philip Agee on Cuba

Philip Agee was a CIA case officer and writer. He speaks on Cuban solidarity. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ1402.

Philip Agee speaks about his experiences working for the CIA

Philip Agee speaks about his experiences as a CIA agent in the 1960s, predominantly in South America. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.04.

PPS sampler, produced by Tim McGovern, Judi Gaughn Levin and Daniel Gonzales

This is a special recording that has been made inside and outside the supervisor's chamber in San Francisco City Hall where the House Subcommittee is in session. The recordings are excerpts of events of the 1970s which include Black Panthers, Robert Kennedy's assassination, Attica prison riot, Wounded Knee, South Africa, and genetic engineering. Other speakers include George Carlin, Dr. Sol Gordon, and Fran Lee. Broadcast: 1979, Pacifica National Programming. Archive #PZ0012.

Race and Democracy Series

A five-part series broadcast via satellite in February and March, 1996. Pacifica National Programming.

Part 1: Hate speech and the First Amendment. This program poses difficult questions as to whether the First Amendment should be re- interpreted. The guests include Anthony Griffin, African American Texas NAACP counsel and Loretta Ross, former national program director for the Center for Democratic Renewal. Archive #PZ0284.01.

Part 2: The legacy of integration. This program discusses the viewpoint, held by an increasing number of African American activists and intellectuals, that concludes that integration is an idea whose time has passed. Guests include Todd Gitlin, professor of culture, communications, journalism and sociology at New York University; Salim Muwakkil, senior editor of "In These Times"; and Paul Robeson, Jr., writer, lecturer and teacher. Archive #PZ0284.02.

Part 3: Justice for all: the case for and against racially based jury-nullification.The program offers various positions that are being put forth in regard to jury nullification. The guests include Anthony Griffin, African American Texas NAACP counsel and Loretta Ross, former national program director for the Center for Democratic Renewal. Archive #PZ0284.03.

Part 4: The race card: a look at the use of race in American politics.This program looks at why American politicians use race as a way of dividing citizens in order to attract certain voters and how the race card has been used in campaigns throughout U.S. history. Guests include Mercedes Lynn de Uriarte, associate professor in journalism and Latin American studies at the University of Texas, Austin as well as Kenneth O'Reilly, author of 'Nixon's piano : presidents and racial politics from Washington to Clinton and Roger Wilkins, professor of political science at George Mason University. Archive #PZ0284.04.

Part 5: Breaking bread: building multi-racial alliances for economic and social justice. This program features extended excerpts of a live discussion recorded in mid-November, with an open debate about the role that race, gender and class play in our country in keeping people from finding their shared interests and how we might overcome barriers to work together for social change. Participants include essayist and author Barbara Ehrenreich, author and activist Clarence Lusane, Mary Matsuda who is professor of law at Georgetown University, Cornel West who is professor of Afro- American studies and the philosophy of religion at Harvard University, and activist Roland Roebuck. Broadcast: Satellite: 1996-02 - 1996-03 / Pacifica National Programming. Archive #PZ0284.05A, PZ0284.05B.

Radio Nation: World Trade Organization meeting special

Part 1: Marc Cooper of the Nation Magazine hosts this Radio Nation update on the Third Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization, known as "The Battle in Seattle." Recording contains highlights of the meetings as well as interviews with several protesters outside the conference on their purpose for coming to Seattle and how they are planning to protest. First 15 minutes, 4pm. Broadcast: 1999-11-29. Archive #DAT0009,

Part 2: Recording contains highlights of the meetings, interviews with protesters outside the conference, interviews with labor leaders including George Becker and Jose Bove, and Harold Meyerson from the LA Weekly. Contains audio from DAT0009. Broadcast: 1999-11-29. Archive #DAT0010.

Reports on Operation Hoodwink, intelligence and the IRS, the cost of intelligence operations, Nixon's role in Chile

Katherine Ferguson reports on COINTELPRO Operation Hoodwink, IRS intelligence operations including Special Service Staff, the cost of intelligence, and Robert Krulwich reports on Nixon's plot to prevent Allende's presidency in Chile. Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.10.

Robert Scheer

KPFA interview. Archive #AZ1398.

Russell Means, interviewed by Tim McGovern

Russell Means (1939- ), American Indian Movement leader, discusses the Indian in U.S. history, the occupation of Wounded Knee, and the attitude of South Dakota toward its Native American inhabitants. Broadcast: 1975-04, KPFK. Archive #BC2895.

The Skyhorse-Mohawk case: American Indian Movement leaders interviewed by Roy Tuckman

On the legal problems facing Paul Skyhorse and Richard Mohawk, American Indian defendants charged with murder. American Indian Movement leaders George Martin and Ernie Peters and defense team members Jack Schwartz and Wendy Eaton discuss the case. Broadcast on KPFK, June 23, 1977. The something's happening show. Broadcast: 1977, KPFK. Archive #KZ0169.

The Spanish Civil War : it seems so long ago, interviewed by Bill Schechner.

Four veterans from the Abraham Lincoln Battalion discuss their experiences as American volunteers fighting against Franco in Spain. The interviews are introduced with the song of the fifth regiment, which is the song of the Spanish War. Broadcast: 1971-08-13, WBAI. Archive #BC0376.

"The State of US Politics" lecture by Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins (1944-2007), an American newspaper columnist, commentator, and best-selling author, presents a compelling, insightful and humorous lecture on the state of U.S. politics running up to the 1996 Presidential elections at the 48th Annual World Affairs Conference in Boulder, Colorado. After the address, she is interviewed by David Barsamian. Broadcast: 1996-04-08, KPFK. Archive #KZ4068.

Take Back the Night march featuring a speech by Andrea Dworkin

Actuality of the Women Take Back the Night march held in Los Angeles on April 19, 1980. Contains a speech by feminist activist Andrea Dworkin (1946-1995), the Los Angeles Women's Chorus and the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles perform, interviews with participants and actualities from the crowd. Broadcast: KPFK. Archive #KZ4064.

Taxes for torture, produced by Tim McGovern and D. Morrison

Tim McGovern discusses the range of techniques, including torture, used in the Western Hemisphere by counterinsurgency groups such as the Green Berets and Latin American military and police forces. McGovern and a series of guests illustrate how US taxpayer money helps fund groups who employ these techniques, and examines the practice of torture and wrongful detainment of political activists in Latin American and Third World countries. Broadcast: 1974-12-04, KPFK. Archive #BC2089.

Tim Butz describes domestic intelligence operations by the FBI and CIA

Tim Butz, co-editor of "Counterspy" magazine, talks about the FBI's COINTELPRO counter- intelligence program, the CIA's operation CHAOS, and domestic spying in the United States.Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.07.

Top secret radio examinations of the CIA: the Philippines

First in a series of programs on the history and activities of the CIA leading up to the investigation of the CIA by the United States senate in July this year. Report based largely on William J. Palmeroy's book "The Philippines: a CIA testing ground," about the CIA and U.S. actions in the Philippines after World War II.Broadcast: 1975-05-30, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.06.

Top secret radio report with Jim Berland

John D. Marks and others speaking possibly at congressional hearings. Telephone interview with John D. Marks. News report on three former FBI plots to kill San Diego State University economics professor Peter Boehmer. Broadcast: 1975, KPFK. Archive #KZ1146.12.

The United Farm Workers In Delano

The speaker begins by giving a tour of the Union complex called 40 Acres where they are training farm workers in various skills. He talks about the history, activity, struggle, and impact of the United Farm Workers in Delano. Part one includes interview with Dolores Huerta, first vice-president of the U.F.W., and Ben Maddoc, head of the organizing department. Broadcast: 1977, Pacifica National Programming. Archive #PZ0008b.

The university at war

Carol Brightman (editor of Viet Report magazine), Mike Klare (associate editor of Viet Report magazine), Mike Locker (lecturer), and Paul Rockwell discuss the role of American Universities in the Vietnam War. Broadcast: 1968, WBAI. Archive #BB1739A, BB1739B, BB1739C.

War is archaic, peace is imperativ: Ron Dellums

Speech by congressman Ronald Vernie "Ron" Dellums given at the 54th anniversary event of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Introduced by Ed Asner. Broadcast: KPFA. Archive #AZ0918.

Watergate Documentary Programs

This series of three documentaries provide a comprehensive look at the way Watergate unfolded through radio and television in almost every household in not only America, but other countries as well.

Informed sources said, produced by Dennis Levitt. Documentary covering the Watergate affair chronologically from June 17, 1972 to May 17, 1973 with reports from Levitt, Judy Miller, Bob Lowe, David Selvin, and Bob Kutner. Broadcast: 1973, KPFK. Archive #BC1405.01A. BC1405.01B.

America as advertised, produced by Dennis Levitt and R.H. Lowe. The two-hour chronology of highlights of phase 1 of the Senate Watergate hearings from May 17, 1973 to August 7, 1973. The program also includes Watergate news that took place outside of the hearing room. It is a comprehensive look at the way Watergate unfolded through radio and television in almost every household in not only America, but other countries as well. Broadcast: 1973, KPFK. Archive #BC1405.02A, BC1405.02B.

Listen to:

The Saturday night massacre, produced by Tim McGovern and R.H. Lowe. The documentary on the Watergate affair covers the fall of 1973. The two hour chronology of highlights of phase 1 of the Senate Watergate hearings from May 17, 1973 to August 7, 1973. The program also includes Watergate news that took place outside of the hearing room. Broadcast: 1974-06-15, KPFK. Archive #BC1405.03A, BC1405.03B.

What in the world: Philip Agee, produced by Barbara Cady

Earl Ofari, Tim McGovern and Barbara Cady interview ex-CIA agent Phillip Agee and discuss the CIA's interference in foreign governments and domestic organizations. Broadcast: 1975-01-31, WBAI. Archive #BC2107.

White racism: where do we go from here? moderated by Gus Matzorkis

Panel discussion on the Black/White relations in light of the recent release of the U.S. Riot Commission Report and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The panel is moderated by Gus Matzorkis. Broadcast: 1968-05-17, KPFK. Archive #BB4750.

Who owns the beaches and who can use them? reported by Robert Krulwich and Paz Cohen

Robert Krulwich reports live on tape from Washington D.C. Episode contains Jimmy Breslin and Senator George McGovern talking on the wisdom of using the CIA to attempt to kill Fidel Castro; a report on the use and ownership of American beach front property; an anniversary salute to President Gerald Ford-an artificial "debate" between Robert Hartman and Merle Miller; and a report on the price of hotel rooms in Washington D.C. for the Bicentennial the following July 4th, 1976. Broadcast on WBAI, July 30, 1975. Archive #BC2795.

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