Mario Savio and Clark Kerr on UC Berkeley campus

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Mario Savio and Clark Kerr on UC Berkeley campus
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Reporter, Bert, collects miscellaneous student commentary from around the UC Berkeley campus, then reads the handbill from University Student for Law and Order. He reads "Machiavelianism" posting and criticizes Clark Kerr's handling of student protesters. Following at the Greek Theater podium, Mario Savio expresses his thoughts on Kerr's attempt to preempt the Academic Senate, which voted to support the Freedom of Speech Movement (FSM). Faculty representatives and Kerr then take stage. Mario Savio comments on Professor Robert Scalapino's speech as being hypocritical and is later dragged off stage. Alex Hoffman, Savio's attorney, is interviewed and considered his arrest illegal since he is a member of the university community. FSM students confront the police and argue with Randy Pauley, ASUC Senator who ran on FSM ticket.

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