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Sproul Hall sit-in December 3, 1964

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Sproul Hall sit-in December 3, 1964
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Josiah Beeman, State President of the California Young Democrats and legislative assistant to Congressman Phil Burton, addresses the rally. He expresses support of campus Young Democrat clubs across the state for FSM. Clark Kerr addresses the crown regarding the faculty's response.
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<br />William Stanton, assemblyman of the 25th Assembly District [Santa Clara County] addresses the rally in Sproul Plaza. He speaks of his academic connection to University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and his attendance at the university during the loyalty oath controversy of 1950s. He talks about his relation to and feelings about Chancellor Edward Strong. Following are Professors John Benton, Henry F. May, Robert Scalapino, as well as Assemblyman Willy Brown.

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