Sproul Hall sit-in and arrests

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Sproul Hall sit-in and arrests
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Disc 1: Students participating in sit-in begin by singing "Hatikva" and Zum Gali Gali" in celebration of Hanukkah. An unidentified speaker leads a discussion on what constitutes non-violence, strategies for non-violent action, and anticipation of police action. Students then sing "Mayim Mayim". Chancellor Edward Strong addresses crowd in Sproul Hall requesting the students to disperse or failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by the university. Lt. M.F. Chandler of the university police department repeats the request and allows five minutes to leave the building or students will be arrested. Students begin singing civil rights song "Oh, Freedom!", "We Shall Overcome", "I'm on My Way", and "America". The reporter describes the scene of the demonstrators being arrested, photographed, and processed. Disc 2: The recording is a continuation of reports on arrests and processing of University of California, Berkeley students by California Highway Patrol, Berkeley police, and Alameda County Sheriff. FSM leader Brian Turner and other spokesman discuss demonstrators' legal rights. Captain Beal of the Berkeley police department announces that they have taken over the building and will remain until the last demonstrator is removed. Demonstrators ask what are the multiple charge and Beal explains the charges will be for trespassing, unlawful assembly, and resisting arrest.

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