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Noon Rally, Sproul Hall immediately after Greek Theater

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Noon Rally, Sproul Hall immediately after Greek Theater
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The recording begins with walkie-talkie sounds. Bettina Aptheker speaks on the event at the Greek Theater with President Kerr and Mario Savio. Professor Robert L. Baloof, chairman of Speech Deptartment, states his opinion on the Free Speech Movement and encourages students to not lose sight of substantial change in their deliberations.
<br />Jack Weinberg makes a reference to a Civil Rights Movement song which states "keep your eyes on the prize". He mentions that he had expected a different outcome from the board's decision. "The only thing that they granted to us, was that the people who sat in will only be persecuted in the courts and not on campus". Only partial amnesty was given for the sit-in. Weinberg speaks of his conversation with congressman George Miller who is upset with the things Kerr was telling his faculty about legislature cutting university funds if they were to allow political activity . He reminds the crowd that they are fighting for no restrictive measures on the forms of political expression as well as the rights of the students and faculty to have a say in how the university is run.
<br />Finally, a speaker reads a telegram message sent to Governor Brown: "Urgently appeal to you to halt university and police oppression of students at Berkeley campus. Appalling restrictions upon their civil liberties. All who value individual liberty are supporting their cause." [signed Bertrand Russell]
<br />This recording chronologically precedes <a href="fullrecord.php?arc=AZ1393." >AZ1393.</a>

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