The car top rally.

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The car top rally.
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Edited actuality of student protests against new campus rules at University of California, Berkeley. Demonstrators await outcome of negotiations between Savio and other student leaders, Berkeley Chancellor Strong, and University President Clark Kerr. They prepare for possible confrontation with police. Among the events captured in this recording are discussions of strategies for passive resistance; demonstrators singing various Civil Rights Movement songs including "We Shall Overcome", "Freedom's Coming", "Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind Set On Freedom)," "I'm On My Way," and other songs including "Blowing in the Wind," "We Shall Not Be Moved", "America". Campus police push their way toward the stranded police car in attempt to remove Jack Weinberg, but the crowd of demonstrators grows and prevents this action. An unidentified woman (Ann Ginger?) attorney speaks to the demonstrators about the historical role of education in a democratic society, the right to open discourse in a democracy, and the importance of academic freedom in a democracy ("Education is as broad as the human mind. is the job of students to ask questions"). She provides brief information about legal rights in case of arrest. An announcement is made about a bail fund started by students of Reed College. An announcement is made regarding the influx of police on campus and the sealing off of campus at Bancroft and Telegraph Avenues. The crowd sings "Happy Birthday" to Mahatma Gandhi. Iario Savio reads terms to the crowd and announces a meeting on the following Monday at noon. RECORDED: University of California, Berkeley, 2 Oct. 1964.

Chanting of protesters; police interviewed about no arrests until negotiations end; Ken Cloke announces police position to the crowd; Peter Franck announces no fighting back; 5 police make their way to the captured police car; no fear from mass arrest; Art Goldberg update of talks; chanting and singing; Ann Ginger talk on nature of public university; Dick Roman calls for non-violent non-cooperation; Peter Franck describes humiliation of the police; singing; Jerry Goldstein announces solution is close; singing; Dick Roman announces collection of bail money; Art Goldberg announces that entire area is sealed off; Jackie Goldberg discusses terms; Mario Savio reads terms to the crowd.

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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1964.
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