Bill of Rights radio education project mini-documentaries

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Bill of Rights radio education project mini-documentaries
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These recordings are of twelve excerpts from the nine-part series the "Bill of Rights Radio Education Project," executive produced by Adi Gevins. This program is also executive produced by Adi Gevins, with John Rieger as producer. Each excerpt is three to five minutes long.
Reel 1:
1. "Hand guns and the Fourth Amendment"
2. "Hand guns and the Second Amendment"
3. "The free marketplace of ideas" regarding censorship by pressure groups
4. "Political pressure groups and the media"
5. "School prayer: establishment or free exercise of religion"
6. "Native American land claims and the Fifth Amendment"

Reel 2:
1. "Public libraries and the First Amendment"
2. "School libraries and the First Amendment"
3. "The wall of separation" regarding prayer in the public schools
4. "Sex education and the First Amendment"
5. "Cruel and unusual punishment" regarding the Eighth Amendment
6. "Freedom of religion in prisons"

These were previously cataloged as "Mini-docs."

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2 reels (40 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1982.
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