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President Clinton's first press conference / Bill Clinton.

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President Clinton's first press conference / Bill Clinton.
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PRESIDENT CLINTON'S FIRST PRESS CONFERENCE / Bill Clinton. Actuality of the Clinton's first national press conference since becoming President of the United States. Topics covered include Yeltsin, nuclear weapons, U.S.-Russian relations, Supreme Court nominee, FBI, health care reform, gays in the military, Star Wars, U.S.-Cuban relations, civil rights in Mississippi, abortion, soft money contributions, forest summit, and more.
<br /><br />RECORDED: Washington, D.C., 22 Mar. 1993.

pt.1. Crisis of Yeltsin take-over -- pt.2. Yeltsin summit in Vancouver -- pt.3. U.S. policy if Yeltsin is impeached -- pt.4. Eastern block nuclear weapons -- pt.5. U.S. role in controlling nuclear weapons -- pt.6. Changes in U.S. aide to Russia if Yeltsin is removed -- pt.7. Potential Supreme Court nominee -- pt.8. FBI leadership -- pt.9. Health care reform -- pt.10. Gays in the military -- pt.11. Health care reforms -- pt.12. U.S. support of Russian reforms -- pt.13. Democrats in the Senate -- pt.14. Future of Star Wars -- pt.15. Free trade -- pt.16. U.S.-Cuban relations -- pt.17. Civil Rights in Mississippi -- pt.18. Foreign minivan imports -- pt.19. Abortion -- pt.20. Right to privacy among nominees -- pt.21. Soft money contributions -- pt.22. Forest summit -- pt.23. Missed projects in his economic stimulus package.

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Washington, D.C., 22 Mar. 1993.
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1 reel (41 min.) : 7 1/2 ips., mono.|41:00
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1993.
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