Coalition And Conflict

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Coalition And Conflict
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Coalition And Conflict / produced by Bari Scott, Alan Snitow, and Deborah Kaufman. SERIES: Blacks and Jews : ambivalent allies| no. 3 Four part series examining the relationship between African Americans and Jewish communities in the United States, particularly why the relationship has become the focus of such controversy. Utilizes music, storytelling, poetry, discussions, and interviews. CONTENT: On the role of Jews and Blacks in the Communist Party, the political left, and the Civil Rights movement. Examines if the FBI tried to break up the alliance, as well as a discussion of Islam in Black America. Features the voices of Paul Berman, Patricia Williams, Cheryl Greenberg, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Salim Muwakkil. - BROADCAST: KPFA, May 1994.

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