Burton White with Jerry Jenkin reporting from Sproul Hall

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Burton White with Jerry Jenkin reporting from Sproul Hall
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Burton White calls an emergency faculty meeting. The members assembled urge that the following actions be taken immediately:
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<br />1. the new and liberalized rules for campus political action be declared in effect and enforced, pending their improvement,
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<br />2. all pending campus action against students for acts occurring before the present date be dropped, and
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<br />3. a committee selected by and responsible to the Academic Senate be established to which students may appeal decisions of the administration regarding penalties for violations relating to offenses arising from political action. Resolutions passed overwhelmingly by the faculty members assembled.
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<br />Jerry Jenkin reports on the situation in Sproul Hall. 40 students remain, while 740 students have been removed so far. An onsite recording of arrests by CHP and Alameda Sheriffs in Sproul Hall takes place as students are being pushed and thrown down the stairs.

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