Rally on Sproul Steps

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Rally on Sproul Steps
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On December 3, 1964 at noon, Professor John Leggett of the Sociology Department speaks about the administration decisions and reaction to student arrests at the Sproul Hall sit-in. An announcement is made that grad studnet instructos in Sociology have recognized the legitimacy of the studnet strike and will not teach classes on campus for the duration of the strike. All classes in Economics and English have been canceled. "Freedom classes" are to be run by students in the History Department". Charlie Powell, ASUC President, sets up his own loud speaker and addresses the crowd. Police come out of Sproul Hall door and push their way through crowds in front of Sproul Hall where six faculty members confront the police, who demand that loud speakers be removed from the Sproul steps.
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<br />Paul Jacobs expresses his disappointment in the Clark Kerr and Pat Brown's reaction to the Sproul Hall sit-in. He urges students to not be provoked by the police and to maintain their humor which has marked the movement so that they can win a victory not only for FSM, but for the entire student body of every university where the issue of free speech and free political advocacy must be confronted. Mike Miller, Bay Area Friends of SNCC (Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee) reads a message from John Lewis, National Chairman of SNCC, who expresses the support for the fight for free speech on the university campus.

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