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Philosophy : east and west / Alan Watts.

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Philosophy : east and west / Alan Watts.
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Series of talks on the influence of Eastern philosophy on western culture.

r.1. The Future of Christian philosophy IV -- r.2. The Future of Christian philosophy V -- r.3. The Future of Christian philosophy VI -- r.4. Eastern orthodox spirituality -- r.5. Return to the forest -- r.6. The Spiritual odyssey of Aldous Huxley -- r.7. The Task of the prophet -- r.8. Interview with Chang Chang-Yuan -- r.9. The Work of Sokei-Ah Sasaki -- r.10. Fundamentals of Eastern philosophy -- r.11. Fundamentals of Buddhism -- r.12. Discussion of Buddhist mysticism -- r.13. Paul Tillich on the eternal now -- r.14. Truth and relativity -- r.15. The Bhagava-Gita, the song of the lord -- r.16. The Useless in art -- r.17. Reconciliation of opposition -- r.18. A Problem of strategy -- r.19. Parallel thoughts: east and west -- r.20. Bus or tram -- r.21. Varieties of order -- r.22. Summary of recent programs -- r.23. A.K. Coomaraswamy -- r.24. The Fourth way -- r.25. The Study of Asia -- r.26. Levels of magnification -- r.27. Love of waters -- r.28. The Constitution of nature -- r.29. The Libido for ugliness -- r.30. Karma, an hour of retribution -- r.31. Review of Kaplan's book -- r.32 Bernerd Beinson's War Diaries -- r.33. Natural law -- r.34. Art, philosophy, and self-improvement -- r.35. Philosophy as music -- r.36. Answering questions of requests from listeners -- r.37. Haiku -- r.38. Astrology -- r.39. Tribute to C.G. Jung.

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KPFA, 1960.
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39 reels (1035 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1960.
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