Foreign policy and military dominance / John Kenneth Galbraith.

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Foreign policy and military dominance / John Kenneth Galbraith.
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Talk on the peaceful preference of the American public, and the contradictory actions by the Federal government.|FOREIGN POLICY AND MILITARY DOMINANCE / John Kenneth Galbraith. - Talk by John Kenneth Galbraith on the Democratic Party and foreign policy. He begins by talking about a book he is writing about the Democratic Party organization, and that the electorate will always vote for peace. He compares Lyndon Johnsons escalation of the war to Nixon's Vietnamization policy| the causes of the Vietnam War| how the Korean War fits into United States foreign policy objectives| the mystique of the "Super Power" which has lead the United States into foreign policy problems| the bureaucracy of the Vietnam War| the falability of equating Vietnam with United States businessmen| the role of the military in perpetuating the war| the role of the national legeslature| and the need to recognize the limits of American foreign policy. - RECORDED: During the Nixon administration, 1968-1972.

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at University of Texas, Austin.
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KPFA, 6 May 1970.
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1 reel (38 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.|40:00
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1970.
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