A Century after.

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A Century after.
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Historical documentary on race relations since the Civil War.|A CENTURY AFTER : A MONTAGE OF BLACK HISTORY. - Historical documentary in montage form which examines the condition of African Americans a century after the emancipation. - CONTENT: Song entitled "If You're White Your All Right, If You're Black Get Back" -- Romantic, stereotypical description of the old plantation South -- Song / by Maya Angelu -- Music with the sound of whip lashes in the background -- Poem about being whipped / unidentified male Black author -- Jelly Roll style piano music -- Black humor comedy sketch -- Joking about integration / Dick Gregory -- Making Blacks comfortable at a cocktail party / Lenny Bruce -- Personal experiences at the Talhasse lunch counter sit-in / a young Black woman -- The murder of a Black family in 1913 -- Being harassed by police / a Black Methodist minister -- An Albany preacher -- Klansmen on the radio -- The L.A. Mosque incident / Malcolm X -- A Black man is tarred and feathered. - BROADCAST: KPFK, 5 Apr. 1969.

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KPFK, 5 Apr. 1969.
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1 reel (60 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.|60:00
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1969.
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