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Mrs. Georgia Jackson

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Mrs. Georgia Jackson
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George Jackson's mother speaks out about the killing of her son on August 22, 1971, the day after his death, and the lack of response from authorities at the prison where he was shot. This press conference at the Soledad Brothers Defense Committee was broadcast live. Questions are also asked of members of the Defense Committee, including George Jackson's sister Penny, and Mrs. Jackson's attorney Ed Bell, regarding their plans for pursuing justice regarding Jackson's death.

Date Recorded on: 
22 Aug. 1971
Date Broadcast on: 
KPFA, 22 Aug. 1971.
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11 reels (ca. 360 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archives, 1971
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RESTRICTED. Permissions, licensing requests, Curriculum Initiative, Campus Campaign and all other inquiries should be directed to: Mark Torres, Archives Director, 800-735-0230,
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