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The Women's School (series record)
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Series record for "The Women's School." Producer Nanette Rainone introduces the series "The Women's School" in the first episode BC0981.01. She says she began this series after two years of producing the Women's Consciuosness-Raising groups at WBAI, as a way to "move from those personal look at the world at see what we had learned and understood from the consciousness-raising. What would be the effect if it were projected on to the various disciplines, on literature, on science, on art, on history."  She says, "My idea for the program is to have a series of lectures, biweekly, from various women who are writers or scholars, have them come and talk to us...we can have discussion about it...and I hope that we can get a coherent idea of where women are, in the world, and where they might go." 

From the WBAI September 1972 folio: "The insights and analysis which grew from the consciousness-raising phase of the feminist movement, are now being applied to the Arts and Sciences in colleges and universities everywhere. Drawing on the resources of the Women's Studies Programs in the metropolitan area, we will be presenting a bi-weekly series of lectures. You are invited to join us in Studio C, which is located at 359 E. 62nd Street. Each lecture will be followed by a discussion." And "The feminist movement is turning from its introspective consciousness-raising period to the intellectual and artistic disciplines; projecting the analysis and insights of the early period on the world at large. At THE WOMEN'S SCHOOL, this new phase of the movement will be exposed and explored. Produced by Nanette Rainone."

"The Women's School" series ran for twelve episode, twice per month during September, October, November and December 1972, January and February 1973.

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WBAI, 19 Sept. 1972.
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4 reels
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1972.
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