Pagan press review (Series record)

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Pagan press review (Series record)
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Series record describing the Pagan Press Review, an examination of the magazines and journals of new age religions such as Feraferia, The Church of All Worlds and feminist witchcraft. r.1. Wicca feminist journals (29 min.) -- r.2. Matriarchy (28 min.) -- r.3. Pagans and anti-defamation rights (30 min.) -- r.4. Magic (30 min.). According to the introduction given by Adler in Episode 1, authors Lynn White and Arnold Toynsbee have stated that there is a need to re-examine and re-claim Pagan beliefs, and the Pagan Press Review series will be an attempt to do this by giving a voice to those organization, sects, and groups, articles and journals, that agree with this position. For the purposes of this series, "Paganism" will refer to the survival and revival of pro-nature, pro-life, pro-Goddess oriented groups.

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January 26-April 25, 1974, 1974
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WBAI, January 27, February 28, March 28, and April 25, 1974
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4 reels (117 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
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Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1974.
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