June 12th Rally: Nuclear disarmament rallies in San Francisco and New York (1982)

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June 12th Rally: Nuclear disarmament rallies in San Francisco and New York (1982)
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The International March and Rally for a Freeze and Reduction of Nuclear Arms and a Transfer of Funds from the Military to Human Needs. On June 12, 1982, the largest antinuclear demonstration was held in New York City's Central Park, while a simultaneous demonstration was held in San Francisco at its Civic Center. Over one million people attended the New York demonstration, making it the largest American political demonstration in history. Pacifica Radio presented nine hours of live satellite coverage of the events in both New York and San Francisco, anchored by Robert Knight (WBAI) in New York and Aileen Alfandary (KPFA) in San Francisco. Here we have six hours of coverage containing the following:

Part A: Reports from the rally and interviews with Gordon Davis, City Parks Commissioner, Pete Seeger, Rev. Bruce Kent, Dick Gregory, and speeches and interviews from earlier in the week from Bill Hartung, Indian Prime Minister, Rev. Herbert Daughtry, Horace Morris, Joseph Lawry. Reports by Marc Cooper, Marie Ritzo and Conrad Egge, and Bernard White.

Part B: Orsen Wells, Winona LaDuke, House of the Lord Choir, Dr. Eric Chivian (MIT), Helen Caldicott, Randall Forsberg, Holly Near, survivors of Hiroshima, and an interview with Mickey Leland of the Black Caucus.

Part C: Wanda Kelly (National Association of Atomic Veterans), George Mace (Atomic soldier), interviews with Australian contingent, reports by Marc Cooper and Julie Light, Coretta Scott King, interview with Helen Caldicott, Jackson Browne, interview with Dick
Gregory, Joan Baez, interview with Michio Kaku, Bruce Springsteen, report from San Francisco Civic Center by Aileen Alfandary, Victor Gotbaum, Edith Ballantyne (WILPF), Kay MacPherson (Canada), interview with Barry Commoner, a few unnamed women activists, report from Marie Ritzo on an anti-anti-nuclear Christian group "Moral Majority" in attendance, interview in San Francisco with Rev. Cecil Williams, and in New York interview with Norma Becker and a song performed by Ralph Carter.

Part D: Linda Ronstadt performs, San Francisco coverage including performance by Los Peludos, speeches by politicians and the Rev. Stephan Stanchic[sp?], reports on nuclear consequences, speech and interview with Daniel Ellsberg in San Francisco, James Taylor and Chaka Khan in New York, speeches by Cleve Robinson, Albert Vann and Olga Mendez of the Black and Hispanic Caucus of New York State, Sweet Honey in the Rock performance, report from the press conference of the June 12th Rally Committee, in San Francisco speech by Harry Britt, an interview with Ichiro Moritaki, a survivor of Hiroshima, Seymour Melman. This concludes New York coverage.

Part E: Glide Ensemble from the Glide Memorial Church, speech and interview with Ron Dellums, Patricia Serpas, Peter Cervantes Gautschi, Henry Durr[sp?], Anan Jabara of PLO, Pete and Sheila Escovedo perform, Mansani Toto[sp?] (Haitian activist)

Part F: Barbara Cameron (Native American and lesbian activist), Joady Guthrie, Ying Lee Kelley, Olga Talamante, Angela Davis, Jane Dornacker, Graham Nash, Steve Hassna (Vienam Veteran), and Bonnie Raitt.

Part G: Tony Cavin and Marc Cooper phone-in reports from the rally. (not digitized)

Credits for New York broadcast: Produced by Robert Knight, Aileen Alfandary, Mark Miracle, Tim Frasca, and Marc Cooper, Engineered by Bill Wells, Stephen Ericson, Isaac Jackson, Mike Smith, Fernando Velasquez. Also helping in today's production Natalie Badellis[sp?], Tony Cavin[sp?], Rosemary Clancy, Dennis Coleman, Barbara Day, Joe Cumo[sp?], Dan Fenton, Julie Light, Ted Llewelyn, Ronnie Lovelert[sp?], Sharon Maeda, Dave Metzger, Sally O'Brien, Cojo Alajuengo[sp?], Andrea Payne, Helene Rosenbluth, Nan Rubin, Bernard White, and Eileen Zalisk.

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in New York and San Francisco, June 12, 1982.
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WBAI, June 12, 1982.
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6 reels (ca. 540 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archive, 1982.
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