Why Nuclear Weapons And Nuclear War Are Medical Problems

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Why Nuclear Weapons And Nuclear War Are Medical Problems
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Why Nuclear Weapons And Nuclear War Are Medical Problems| Produced by Science and News Report| November 11, 1980. Dr. John Goffman, a professor at the University at California at Berkeley, delivers a talk at the conference, The Consequences of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War. Dr. Goffman addresses why nuclear weapons and nuclear war are medical problems with two statements| the first is there may be a medical cause of the nuclear arms race and the likely occurrance of nuclear war, and the second is that the way in which medical professionals treat the issue of health effects of ionizing and radiation may make a difference in whether nuclear war even occurs. He concludes with the idea that the correct analysis of radiation effects will help lower the probability of nuclear warfare during these crisis times while trying to control the cause of war. - Recorded, November 11, 1980.

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