Inside Attica (Episode 3 of 5)

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Inside Attica (Episode 3 of 5)
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We are Attica / produced by Bruce Soloway March 30, 1972| interview by Bruce Soloway;| technical production by David Rapkin.| Interviews with former Attica prison inmates involved in the Attica State Prison rebellion. The rebellion was September, 1971. These prisoners were in maximum security afterwards and interviewed in February, 1972.| Excerpts from interviews with seven inmates of the segregation unit at Attica State Prison: Roger Champion, Frank Lott, Don Novum (sp.?), John Walsenberg (aka Jerry the Jew), Carl Jone #24534, George Niervace (sp.?), Frank Smith #22747 heard.
Episode contained on 2 separate CDs.

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February, 1972
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March 30, 1972 / WBAI: Oct. 16, 1981
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