West Coast Women's Music Festival, 1980 (raw recordings)

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West Coast Women's Music Festival, 1980 (raw recordings)
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These twelve reels are live raw recordings taken at the West Coast Women's festival in 1980, held in Yosemite CA September 26-28th, 1980. The festival was produced by Robin Tyler and co-produced by Torie Osborn, and two to three thousand women attended. These recordings were a joint project of Pacfica radio stations KPFA and KPFK. This concert was recorded by Linda Mack with Susan Kerniss and Susan Elizabeth. An edited version of the festival can be found here: KZ1038

Part A begins with a "speakout" on the shortage of child care at the festival and that one of the acts (Alix Dobkin?) had asked that all boy children be removed from the audience during her performances. Next, Casselberry and Dupree perform the following: "Chants to Elegba", "That Is My Dream", "In the Morning", "A Case of You."

Part B: Casselberry and Dupree continued with "Take it to the Limit", "Corrine", and an African song. Announcements by festival producer Robin Tyler. Next is singer Dovida Ishatova. She performs a Chopin piece.

Part C: Dovida Ishatova continues with "Amazon", reads an excerpt from a piece she wrote with her mom about being released from a Nazi Concentration Camp by Russian women soldiers "Henya[sp?]" (poem), and an instrumental. Ambient noise and then announcements by festival producer Robin Tyler.

Part D: More announcements from Robin Tyler. Then Silvia Kohan sings "Hine Ma Tov" and introduces her band (Elaine Miller (piano), Sandra Wilson (guitar and bass), and Missy Coleman (drums)), but the recording is cut off. End of Saturday afternoon concert.

Part E: End of Alive!'s performance? and introductions of band members: Rhiannon, Gwen Avery[?], Carolyn Brandy (percussion), Barbara Borden (percussion), Annette Lipson (percussion), Pat Ramseyer (percussion), and Jan Martinelli (bass). At 12 min. Terry Garthwaite and her band begin their performance with "All Night Long", [intro and talks about children issue], "You Don't Know My Mind", "Slender Thread," and spacey sounds.

Part F: Terry Garthwaite performance continues with more spacey sounds, "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" (by Victoria Spivey, which Garthwaite says she first heard on KPFA's "Focus on Women in Music" program), [spacey guitar and flute], "Younger Lover", "Ticket to Chicago" (continued on next tape). Garthwaite introduces band Tucki Bailey, Jan Martinelli, Carolyn Brandy, Barbara Borden, and Shannon Christie.

Part G: Terry Garthwaite finishes "Ticket to Chicago", and plays an encore "Bye-bye". Robin Tyler makes announcements. At 14 min. Gwen Avery performance begins with "Do It On Your Own"[?]. She introduces the band: Pat Ramseyer (small percussions), Annette Lipson (congas), Barbara Borden (traps), Jan Martinelli (bass), J.D. (Harmonica), and Shannon Christie (sign language) "Shout It Out", "Sugar Mama", "Song for My Woman Friends".

Part H: Gwen Avery "Song for My Woman Friends" (duplicate), [Emergency announcements], "Cry No More", "Backyard Blues", "Heaven Is In Your Mind"[?], musician intros, "I'm On My Way" (incomplete).

Part I: Gwen Avery continues "I'm On My Way", and an encore "Sad Song". Robin Tyler? asks the audience "Do you want to have a disco?" Audience answers "yes". End of Saturday night concert.

Part J: Sunday afternoon. Izquierda Ensemble performs. Band members are: Naomi, Little Bear, June Adams, Izetta Smith, Kristen Aspen. Songs include: "Like a Mountain", "The Pipes of Pan", intro Tammy Rich and Betty Anglo, "Johnny Get Angry", "The Leaving"[?] or "Songs from a Dying Star"[?], poem, "No Hay Razon", rap about growing up female and song about heterosexuality (incomplete). Previously labeled KZ0454K

Part K: Izquierda Ensemble: rap about growing up female and song about heterosexuality (duplicate), "Power to our intuition,"[?], "Looking To Be Free". Announcements, then Charlotte Bunch comes up on stage and says "No Robin, flirting is not sexist." Andrea Floyd performs. Previously labeled KZ0454J

Part L: Sunday evening. Alive! performs the following: "Sail Away", jam, "Step By Step", "Mother Earth", "Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven", "Got To Be Willing", "Wild Women", "Yamaya", six minutes of percussion as the band finishes and walks off stage. Band members introduced are Barbara Borden (drums), Suzanne Vincenza (bass), Janet Small (piano), Rhiannon (vocalist), Carolyn Brandy (percussionist).

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at Yosemite, Sept. 26-28, 1980.
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KPFA, ca. October, 1980?
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12 reels (376 min)
Los Angeles : Pacifica Radio Archives, 1980
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This recording has been digitally preserved as part of Pacifica's American Women Making History and Culture: 1963-1982 grant preservation project, and is available for research and reference . Please contact the archives via telephone: 818-506-1077 or email:  americanwomen at pacificaradioarchives dot org for information on how to obtain a copy of this program. Thank you.

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