Building A Progressive Agenda In 1992

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Building A Progressive Agenda In 1992
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Building A Progressive Agenda In 1992 / Helen Caldicott. - Speech by Dr. Helen Caldicott, spokesperson for political empowerment, economic conversion, saving the environment and nuclear disarmament. She compares two new world orders: President George Bush's, and the people's. The United States, she argues, is in need of a revolution like the one in the Soviet Union. She points to many problems with United States social, political and economic strategies: inadequate medical care, increased homelessness, 37% below the poverty level, threats to the environment from the capitalistic profit motive, and increased radioactive poisoning of people. The problems, she argues, arise from the American acceptance of the comfortable lie instead of the uncomfortable truth. She calls for a readjustment of our value systems to put environmental and human issues above profit and physical comfort. - RECORDED: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 24 Oct. 1991.

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