Basking In Robbins : Why Your Choices Matter

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Basking In Robbins : Why Your Choices Matter
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Basking In Robbins : Why Your Choices Matter / John Robbins. SERIES: Inventing a psychology of our relationship to earth| no. 3 Lectures recorded at the Earth Trust Conference which point to the ideological systems which shape Euramerican approaches toward the environment and other humans. CONTENT: John Robbins, author of Diet For a New America and President of Earth Save, speaks about how he came to use his families Baskin-Robbins fortune to help create a more healthy planet. He discusses the failure of meat production as a sustainable food source which threatens the world's ecosystem, and that our eating habits can make a difference in this world distruction. Not only will changing from meat to grains save the world, he continues, but it will also improve our personal health. RECORDED: Earth Trust Conference, 11-13 Nov. 1994.

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