Democracy Now : November 22 :earth First Pretrial. American Public Health Association

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Democracy Now : November 22 :earth First Pretrial. American Public Health Association
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DEMOCRACY NOW : NOVMBER 22 : EARTH FIRST PRETRIAL. AMERICAN PUBLIC HEALTH ASSOCIATION /Pacifica Foundation| Produced by Julie Drizin and Amy Goodman| hosted by Amy Goodman. - A daily election year program which takes an in-depth look at the political landscape and interviews visionaries from all walks of life, including members of the grassroots organizations who challenge the status quo. - CONTENT: pt.1. Political headlines (3:00) -- pt.2. Earth First pretrial hearing| discussion about the 1990 bomb that went of in the car of two Earth First activists who were on their way to an event to save the Redwood forests| guest Judi Bari, one of the Earth First Activists who was injured in the bombing (16:00) -- pt.2. American Public Health Association new president, Quentin Young| guest Quentin Young : discussion about Dr. Young support for the Canadian style single payer health care system in the US, like Canada's system (19:00) -- pt.3. Alliance Founding Convention| discussion about how in August of 1995, Texas Observer editor, Ronnie Dugger wrote a piece for the Nation magazine called, "Real Populist Please Stand Up" calling for citizens to rekindle a progressive populist movement to challenge corporate power and reclaim democracy| guest Ronnie Dugger (17:00) - Broadcast November 22, 1996.

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