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Richard Grossman
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Richard Grossman is the Director of the Program of Corporation, Law and Democracy, an organization established in 1993 to hold corporations accountable for their policy decisions which effects all aspects of our lives including our labor, civil rights and our environment. He is now most identified witht he movement to revoke the corporate charters of those corporations in violation of their own charters. Grossman began developing strategies to revoke corporate charters when he researched a 1960 ruling against the Highlander Center, a 65 year old Civil rights and labor organizing center in Tenn. The State of Tenn. revoked the Highlander Center's charter when the State's Attorney General found the organization in violation of a Tenn. law banning Blacks and Whites from assembling together. In this talk givien at the Unitarian Chuch in San Francisco in Sept. 1998, Grossman puts a progressive twist to the revocation of charters.

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