Our Democracy After 9/11: Can We Save It? February 17, 2002 - 3 Tape Box Set

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Our Democracy After 9/11: Can We Save It? February 17, 2002 - 3 Tape Box Set
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TAPE 1: (60 min.) Speakers: LINSY SILER, Student, introductory remarks STEPHEN ROHDE, Immidiate past Pres of ACLU of S. California Analysis of our civil liberties since 9-11-01 : Patriot Act & other policies of Bush Administration. ROBERT REICH, Former Labor Sec., Candidate for Gov. of Mass. on causes of terrorism, world poverty, U.S. responsibility, effects of permanent war on terrorism on U.S. JOHN BURTON, Pres Pro-tem, Cal. State Senate DIANE WATSON, Congresswoman (D-CA) on Enron collapse and Bush Administration TAPE 2: (60 min.) Speakers: ED BEGLEY JR. - Actor, Environmental Activist, ways we can make changes in our lives with energy saving less oil dependent automobiles DENNIS KUCINICH (D-OH, Chair) comments on Bush Admin. war on terrorism policies ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, Political Commentator, calls for end to Bush family attack on world. TAPE 3: (90 min.) Speakers: JIM HIGHTOWER, Author, political commentator, calls citizens to action TOM HAYDEN, Author, former Cal. State Senator, on Bush use of fear to promote war on terrorism. HILDA SOLIS, Congresswoman (D-CA) TED WILLIAMS, Chair, Cal. Clean Money Campaign MAXINE WATERS, Congresswoman (D-CA) comments on Bush Administration's attack on social programs ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, Speaker Emeritus, CA State Assembly. Program sponsored by Southern California Americans for Democratic Action. Lila Garrett, Moderator. Recorded February 17, 2002 at USC - Bovard Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA by Mark Torres.

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February 17, 2002
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February 17, 2002
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Los Angeles, Pacifica Radio Archives, 2002
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