From the Vault: 1979 March on Washington for Gay & Lesbian Rights

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From the Vault: 1979 March on D.C.
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Across the United States recently, millions have been marching for their rights. This is a tradition as old as this country. And the movements build in momentum to bring about change. In 1979, gays and lesbians came from all 50 states to march in the nation's capital. It was the first large scale march of its kind. The idea first came to Harvey Milk as a way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Stonewall. Twenty-seven years later, Milk and many others are no longer with us, but the struggle continues for gay marriage and equality under the law. This week, we look back at the 1979 March On Washington for Gay & Lesbian Rights. During FTV: Remembered, Ray Hill - the lead organizer of the 1979 march - selects one program out of the entire Pacifica Radio Archives Vault to play raw, and explains why that one program means so much to him.

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Los Angeles, CA: Pacifica Radio Archives
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